Best Coolers for Camping

Best Coolers for Camping

To have a memorable trip, you will need to have top quality food items with you. Meaning that you will need to bring drinks and with grilled steaks they should be cold in order that you can feel fresh and relaxed after a long drive.

It’s really heartbreaking to reach into your cooler and find that all the items that are now warm and you wonder what you are going to do for the rest of your trip.  However, there is not much that you can do during this time. What you could have done was brought the best cooler for camping with you to avoid these disappointments.

This article will provide you with guidance on how to buy the best cooler for camping and to have a great time.

What Makes the Best Cooler for Camping

There are a number of features that you must consider before buying the best cooler for camping. If you need an ice chest for a few hours of partying then any type of cooler can do the job because the ice is not going to melt that quickly because of the lid. But when you need a cooler for camping then there are various features that you should take into account apart from just keeping things chilled for some time.

  • Ice Retention

If you will be gone for several hours, you will also have to store your food and beverages if you are on a hunting or a fishing trip. Even if you are fishing or hunting, you will still need food if you are not able to catch anything or your equipment malfunctions. In such cases, you will need a properly insulated cooler that can keep the items cold for a long period of time with improved ice retention features.

  • Durability

If your trip is full of rough terrain, then your cooler will need to have solid durability features. You will also need a durable cooler if you are taking it on a kayak or boat. You won’t need those flimsy handles or lids because they won’t last long. Therefore, for such a trip you will need a durable product at your disposal.

  • Protect-ability / Lock-ability

If there are other people on the camping site, then you will need to lock or protect the contents of your cooler. Bears or raccoons can also be on the campsites, so you need your cooler to be well protected and secure. A cooler that you can lock will keep your food items and beverages safe from predators, whether humans or animals.

  • Seal

A cooler needs to be properly sealed when closed otherwise it won’t be able to retain the coolness for a long period of time. Therefore, properly sealed coolers will be better for long trips because they will be able to keep your items cold without letting any out. A top quality cooler for camping must prevent the exchange of outside air and the inside cooling. Always prefer rubber sealing gaskets and make sure that the cooler stays latched properly for long periods of time.

  • Drain

This feature is more associated with convenience than usability. If a cooler has a pitched floor then it will spare yourself from unnecessary lifting and be tilting for getting rid of the melted ice.  Pitched floors enable the user to get rid of the melted ice whenever needed and with ease. You will also need a proper draining system to get rid of the water when you wash your cooler. You can also look for drain plugs that are present within the body of the coolers. Make sure that they are safe and you won’t accidentally knock loose or break the plug by accident.

  • Handles

Coolers get heavy once they are filled. They have food, beverages, and ice in them. Therefore, under no condition, you should compromise on the durability of handles. These handles must be able to carry plenty of weight. The handles should tuck away so that you can pack the cooler tight inside the trunk of your RV or car. Do not opt for low quality handles because they will leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

  • Insulation

The type of insulation used also determines the magnitude of the time your cooler is able to keep things cold. If your cooler is equipped with top-quality insulation feature then it will be able to keep the contents cold for many hours.

  • Size

Coolers come in different sizes and also serve different purposes. Hence, you must identify your needs and determine the volume that you will need for your trips. It also depends on the number of people that are going on the trip.

  • Portability

One of the most important features of a cooler for camping purposes is that it should be light and sizeable enough to carry around when you are walking around different places. It should also allow you to save some storage space.

Top 5 Best Cooler for Camping Reviews

Short Reviews Capacity Ice Retention @ 90°F Available Colors
YETI Tundra 45 20-Quart (26 cans) up to 3 days 6
Coleman 54-Quart 54-Quart (84 cans) up to 4 days 8
Orca ORCW026 26-Quart (42 cans) up to 10 days 4
Pelican Elite 50 Quart 50-Quart (80 cans) up to 10 days 8
Coolest Cooler 55-Quart (86 cans) up t0 5 days 1

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler – Most Popular


The Yeti Tundra is one of the strongest coolers that you can find on the market. This cooler is made to take whatever nature throws at it including wild animals and tough weather patterns.

Flat Wall Design

It is equipped with extra-thick walls that hold up to two inches of insulation for ice retention that you won’t regret. In addition to that, it is equipped with T-Rex lid latches that are made of heavy-duty rubber and patented technology.

Permafrost Insulation

Its insulation is pressure-injected with commercial grade polyurethane foam across the walls as well as the lid and ensures that your ice stays frozen for extended days. The Yeti Tundra also features AnchroPoint tie-down slots that are molded for easy mounting to your vehicle or boat.


  • Rotomolded Construction
  • NeverFail hinge system
  • Interlock lid system
  • LipGrid and DoubleHaul handles
  • ColdLock gasket
  • Vortex Drain system
  • BearFoot Non-Slip Feet

Rotomolded Construction

The Rotomolded construction of the Yeti Tundra makes it firm from the core. This means that the cooler is virtually indestructible. It adds to the durability of the cooler and it can take on any type of condition with ease.


The price factor is the only let down of this cooler. Many other coolers have very similar features but are available at half the price. It is not an ideal product for those who have budget constraints.


  • Available in six different colors
  • Has a 26 can capacity
  • With Permafrost insulation, ice will remain intact for long hours
  • The FatWall design is the cooler is certified bear-resistant


  • Tends to drip down a lot
  • Expensive
If you prefer an excellent insulation system in a camping cooler that will enable you to keep your edible items cold for long hours then Yeti Tundra is your best choice. It is equipped with the capability to retain ice for long periods.

Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted – Best camping cooler for keeping ice


The Coleman has a very charming retro design to back a high capacity and top quality storage space. Its 54-Quart storage capacity allows you to store over 80 cans. It is one of the best options if you are looking for a large storage space.

Keeps the ice cold

It is equipped with properly insulated walls and a lid that prevents the ice from melting within the cooler; even it is left in hot weather for a long time.  It can maintain its internal temperature for four days with any inconvenience.

Rust resistant

Every cooler gets wet from in the inside. Therefore, the metal construction of a cooler can invite rusting over time. The Coleman 54-Quart is made of rust resistant stainless steel which is built for durability.


  • High capacity
  • Heavy duty retro design
  • High-quality insulation
  • Extremely durable
  • Comfort grip steel handles

Comfort-grip steel handles

This cooler features comfort-grip handles made of steel that allows controlled lifting and ease in carrying the cooler around.  These handles can go in easily so that you can tuck the cooler in your trunk or anywhere else with relative ease.

The Drawbacks

Its latch is not strong enough to support heavy weight and tends to break with the passage of time. This is the only downside of the Coleman 54-Quart and it seems to disturb the overall performance of the product as well.


  • Available in eight different colors
  • Comes with 54-quart capacity that allows you store 85 cans
  • Charming retro design with tuck-in handles
  • Offers ice retentions for up to four days


  • Latch tends to break after a while
  • Starts to leak after a some time
If you enjoy camping with your friends and family then you will need plenty of storage and this is where Coleman 54-quart come in to play its roll. Its large capacity enables you to store plenty of food items and beverages and keep them cold for a long time.

Orca ORCW026 Cooler – Best value for money


The Orca is designed to hold ice for many days. In terms of ice retention, the ORCW026 is the best because it can keep the food items cold and fresh for over 10 days, the longest than any other product of this capacity.

Provides you with options

The Orca ORCW026 is not only available in different colors but is also available in different capacities ranging from 20-quart to 140-quart. You can opt for your preferred capacity according to the requirements of your trip.

Easy flow drainage spout

The cooler is equipped with a drainage spout that ensures easy flow of melted ice out of the container. You won’t need to tilt over your heavy cooler to get rid of the melted ice. Just open the lid of the spout and throw it all out.


  • Cargo net attached
  • Flex-grip handles
  • Rotomolded construction
  • 26-quart storage capacity
  • Lid gasket

Cargo net attached

If you are short on storage then this cooler has got you covered. You can add a cargo net to keep more packaged food.

The Drawbacks

Its insulation system doesn’t work that well in hot conditions as it is only able to maintain ice for a couple of days or less. With the passage of time, this demerits becomes more significant.


  • Plenty of storage and color options
  • Rotomolded construction
  • Features a lid gasket and flex-grip handles
  • Cargo-net design


  • Tends to drip quite a lot
  • Latching system is very poor
If plenty of storage space is your preferences then go for Orca because they provide you with plenty of options to choose from ranging from 20-quart to 140-quart. If you prefer a variety of color options then Orca has got you covered there as well. Ocra claims to have the longest ice retention days i.e. 10 days.

Pelican Elite 50 Quart – Best Bear proof cooler


When it comes to ice retention there is no competition with Pelican Elite 50-Quart Cooler. It is built to stand tough against all the attacks from the Grizzly Bear be it beating, kicking or rolling around.

Polyurethane insulation

It is able to maintain the cold and retain ice with help of the polyurethane insulation. It doesn’t allow the exchanging of air from outside with the interior.

Molded handles

It has molded handles with tie-down slots, which means that you are able to store anything securely wherever you want. The handles also enable you to get a good grip of the cooler when you move it.


  • 50-quart internal volume
  • Extraordinary ice retention
  • Molded handles
  • Steel bottle opener
  • Anti-sheer hinge system
  • Lifetime guarantee

Lifetime guarantee

The cooler is covered by a lifetime warranty which means that you break it, the Pelican replaces it! This is one of the best ways a company can honor its customers.

The Drawbacks

With the passage of time, the cooler stops holding ice and the Pelican’s 10-day claim of ice retention doesn’t seem to work. The company has honored its lifetime warranty to a very few number of customers.


  • Offers good amount of storage
  • Molded handles for added strength
  • Reinforced lockable hasp


  • For some people may think a lifetime warranty is a fluke
  • Ice retention deteriorates with the passage of time
This camping cooler is best for the people who prefer durability over anything else. The Pelican Elite 50 Quart can even withstand bear attacks. Pelican’s 10-day claim is backed up with a lifetime warranty. What more can you ask for?

Coolest Cooler – Best Camp cooler for transportation


The camping cooler from Coolest features a built-in blender for crushing ice and it is equipped with a 20V battery that is rechargeable. The blender is an excellent option for making smoothies and cocktails.

Enjoy hours of music

The cooler is also equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, which you can play hours of music while you are having fun with your camping activities.


Coolest Cooler is made to last for a long time and offers 55-quarts of storage volume. It is one of the most durable products that you will find on the market.


  • Comes with ice-crushing blender
  • Splash-proof
  • Equipped with Bluetooth speaker and USB charger
  • Can endure 600lbs of storage
  • Extra thick insulation

Extra thick insulation

The cooler has extra thick insulation that allows ice to last for up to five days. This means that you can keep your items cold for a long time.

The Drawbacks

Its battery tends to die out and you are not able to charge your phone after a few uses. In some cases, the music player stops working which means that with the passage of time, the circuit board of this cooler stops working.


  • Ice-crushing blender enables you to make smoothies and cocktails
  • Bluetooth speaker for playing music
  • Provides insulation to retain ice for five days


  • Doesn’t come with any warranty
  • Not designed for rough use
If you like those campsite parties then this cooler will come in very handy. It is equipped with wheels for easy transportation. You can also add some music and refresh your party using the cocktail maker. We would highly recommend this for outdoor party lovers.


The winner of this product roundup is the Yeti Tundra because it is ideally designed for camping needs. You can easily carry and conveniently transport it from one place to another. In addition to that, you can also retain ice in it for long hours which means you can leave your food items, enjoy your fun activities and always come back to those chilled beverages to clinch your thirst. Moreover, you can drain this cooler very conveniently as well. So, Yeti Tundra is the camping cooler you must have on your next camping trip.

Apart from our top pick Yeti, if you’re looking to have a value for money product then we recommend Orca ORCW026 Cooler. It can store your ice for over 10 days at an affordable price.

We recommend Coolest Cooler for outdoor party lovers since it becomes handy when it comes to traveling. Built-in battery and speakers add fun to the party in the wilderness.

Now you have all the information to buy the best cooler for camping. If you have any suggestions or questions for us, don’t hesitate to drop your message below in the comment section.

Happy Camping!

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