Coffee is the most favorite drink of many people around the globe. Many among us can’t imagine starting their day without coffee. Are you one of them? Being a coffee lover you can truly understand the importance of having a coffee maker. Nobody likes to spend their time and effort on making flawless coffee. Therefore, in order to save your time and getting a perfect coffee at the same time, you need a help of a coffee maker.

Keurig is a big name in the world of coffee makers. They have introduced numerous models. Though these products appear the same, they have minor or even major differences too. Considering your concern of getting most appropriate coffee maker, we are going to compare two Keurig models. These are Keurig k55 and Keurig k250.

Read on to know which one suits your needs perfectly!

Keurig k250



  • Compatibility with k-mugs and k-carafe, and k-cups.
  • Opportunity to select coffee strength.
  • Contains two water filters for improved coffee.
  • The touch screen makes operation easier


  • The capacity of the water reservoir is less.
  • It doesn’t come with auto shut down button.

Keurig k55



  • Water reservoir contains more capacity to enjoy coffee for the whole day.
  • Auto shut down button gives more convenience.
  • Available in more colors.


  • You can only make up to 10 oz of coffee cups.
  • Brewing first coffee cup takes more time.

k250 vs. k55 (Summary)

Model Name Keurig k250 Keurig k55
Product line Keurig 2.0 Keurig 1.0
Compatibility k-cup, k-mug, k-carafe pod k-cup pod
Brew Sizes Up to 30 oz. Up to 10 oz. (6,8 or 10)
Display Black and white LCD screen Buttons with symbols
Water capacity 40 oz. 48 oz.
Water reservoir removable Yes yes
Auto shut off No yes
Coffee strength control Yes No
Size dimensions 8.9” W x 13.4” D x 13.6” H 9.8” W x 13” D x 13.3” H

Before starting our comparison, it is important to know what key factors describe the worth of a coffee maker. On the basis of these factors, we can decide their suitability to our needs.

k250 vs. k55 (Detail)

With the invention of advanced models, more factors ask for your consideration. But here, we are going to mention few basic points.

These factors also define the difference between k55 and k250 models. Being a product of the same brand, both of these devices offer the great convenience of making quick coffee.

So, when you go to select any coffee brand, make a list of these attributes:

  • Type of a coffee maker
  • Size
  • Capacity (brew size)
  • Convenience
  • Compatibility
  • Cost

Regarding Keurig k250 and k55, both are of the same type with a single-serve pod coffee maker. In this type, all you need to do is put your coffee pod inside the machine, make few settings and here you go!

After the type of the machine, the size and capacity of a machine also matter. Size refers to the body of the machine. How much space is it consuming in your kitchen or room?

By capacity, it means the number of people it is going to serve coffee in a single go. Usually smaller machines have low capacity and the vice versa. The capacity you choose depends on the number of a coffee lover in your family or hostel room.

The convenience factor refers to the ease of operating the machine while preparing your favorite coffee. It can be done either by providing simple buttons or a touch panel. Moreover, few models also come equipped with advanced programmable features.

Coffee makers take coffee in different forms for brewing. Their compatibility with the accessible products is very much important. Usually, k-cups are used for this purpose.

Before purchasing any item, you definitely assess its cost. The same case is here. However, the cost of the product you choose depends entirely on your budget.

So, now have you gotten a basic idea on worth considering features of coffee maker? Now, we will compare Keurig two models that are k55 and k250 on the basis of these factors and few others as well.


Though not very important to all, the appearance of a coffee maker plays a significant role in some cases. If we compare k250 and k55 on the basis of their appearance or design, they both have useful designs.

K250 is available in black, turquoise, white, violet, and red color. However, k55 comes with a few more colors. It is available in blue, white, and rhubarb color as well.

Generally, both machines look more or less the same. The k250 model gives off slightly sleek or you can say more gorgeous appearance.

But, if you have to choose any one model on the basis of appearance only, then we will say, go for the K250 model.


By seeing these two models in the pictures, their size appears the same. However, there is a slight difference in their size dimensions.

The Keurig k55 possesses the size dimensions of 9.8” W x 13” D x 13.3” H. On the other hand, k250 comes with 8.9” W x 13.4” D x 13.6” H and occupies a less space on the countertop. You can evaluate this basic difference on your own. Their size difference is even less than one inch.


We can say k55 and k250 both give good performance. Why is it so? It is because they both belong to the same brand. Being manufactured by a quality name Keurig, their overall performance is very good.

However, comparing both these products asks us to identify some differences. So, the difference is k55 consumes a little more time in giving you a first coffee cup. Later on, for more cups, it will take only a few minutes.

On the other hand, k250 doesn’t depict any such problem. But yes, as it is programmable, it will ask you to wait a bit for your favorite coffee.

On the whole, if you are too impatient to wait a bit for your first coffee cup only, then k250 is a model for you.


Both these models of Keurig come with K-cup pods compatibility. This features offers great ease. It is a big plus point for both these models.

However, model k250 brings with it more versatility. You can use k-mug pods and k-carafe pods with it as well. In this way, it can assist you in making a coffee for the whole family in a single go.

However, these two models also allow you to purchase a k-cup filter too. In this way, you can add your own coffee grounds in the maker instead of purchasing those readymade pods. This feature adds flexibility in these models.

Considering its compatibility, we can say, k250 model, outdo the other one.

Brew Size

The capacity of these two models is something that makes a significant difference between both. As it has been already mentioned, k55 is compatible with k-cups only. This k-cup offers the brew sizes of 4 to 10 ounces. However, k250 offers k-mug and k-carafe compatibility too. Therefore, you can get coffee up to 30 ounces with its carafe.

So, here again, k250 offers exceeds.


Both these coffee maker models are super easy to use. Filling the water reservoir, putting the coffee grounds, making adjustments, and taking off your coffee, all are simple steps.

In short, we can say both of these models are highly convenient to use. However, with a few advanced features, k250 may seem more convenient to one group of people, and k55 to others. It depends on their requirements.

Water reservoir capacity

The capacity of the k55 model water reservoir is 48 oz. and that of k55 is 40 oz. This is something in which k250 model lacks clearly.

But, this again, is not going to make much difference. It is because filling up the reservoir again is not a big deal.


In the k55 model, you will get simple buttons to control different function. You will be able to see serving size symbols in this model that make things simpler to use. K55 also contains automatic shut down button.

With k250 model, you will get small black and white LCD. You can select brew size, coffee strength, and cup size. It also gives you an option to set heat settings. This feature also makes a significant difference between both models.

Advanced settings are another point that makes k250 model preferable over k55.


As we can see in the above comparison points, model k250 is equipped with advanced features. Model k55 is rather made simpler and easier.

So considering these differences, the price range of k250 is also slightly higher. It’s, of course, the price you are paying for more versatility and benefits.


So far we have discussed few points to clarify the differences between both models of Keurig. We have already mentioned these two models are in no way less than each other. Both are the product of a renowned brand. Both offer high efficiency and practical features.

However, if you have to choose between the two models, then it depends on personal choice and criteria. If you have the whole family who loves coffee, then k250 is something that will suit your needs.

Furthermore, if you have family and friends that often come to your place, then k250 will be a source of great convenience to you. On the other hand, for a single person or for a student, the k50 model is suitable. It is easier, simpler, and affordable too.

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