Have you ever noticed that your kitchen cabinets and drawers are lined-up with different kinds of clunky cooking pots? What if there is a solution to this problem and you can get your hands on a unit that comes with multi-functional features?

It can handle pressure-cooking, rice cooking, slow cooking, and even make yogurt for you. Your response will surely be positive because it can be a huge convenience to you in your kitchen. Instant Pot is one of the manufacturers of these types of units and their pressure cookers are all about quality. Instant Pot has different lines of pressure cookers including the Duo Series, Lux series, Smart, and Ultra.

All these categories come with different features but Lux and Duo series is the most common among the masses. Therefore, in this comparison article, we have included Instant Pot Lux60 and Instant Pot Duo60.

Instant Pot Duo60

Instant Pot Duo60

Duo60 is a 3rd generation pressure cooker from Instant Pot. It has fully advanced features that allow this product to compete with other brands. The cooker comes at a slightly high price than the competition and puts user-friendliness as one of its primary characteristics. The pros and cons of this product are as follows:


  • It has more features as compared to Instant Pot Lux60.
  • It comes with a very user-friendly control panel that assists you to take control of the system and cook anything without any trouble.
  • The cooker has an intuitive sense, which made it one of the best pressure cookers in 2015.
  • The Duo60 also boasts additional safety features that are not present in Lux60 such as the lid holder and steam pot handles.
  • There is a considerable improvement in Duo60 from its predecessor.


  • It is competitively expensive as compared to its predecessors due to the upgrades it has received.

Instant Pot Lux60

Instant Pot Lux60

When you compare Lux60 withDuo60, you will find that Lux60 is equipped with less number of features. The most significance plus point associated with this pressure cooker is its feasible price. The pros and cons of this pressures cooker are as follows:


  • Lux60 enables you to save a few extra bucks as compared to Duo60 and it is the primary reason why people prefer it to other models and brands.
  • This pressure cooker emphasizes basics and utility.
  • If you compare the functions, Lux60 features Cakes and Eggs as a built-in cooking program, which is not there in duo60.


  • Instant Pot has designed Lux60 to cater price-conscious market and lacks a few features as compared to Duo60.
  • The design of this pressure cooker is a bit outdated one because it does not come with any handles.

Lux60 also lacks some cooking options such as the Yogurt Maker, Poultry, and Bean/Chili. Duo60 does come with these features.

Let’s get started by having a quick look at the comparison table:

UX60 VS. DUO60 (Summary)

Attributes Instant Pot Duo60 Instant Pot Lux60
Available Sizes 3 Qt, 6 Qt, 8 Qt 3 Qt, 6 Qt, 8 Qt
Functionality 7-in-1 6-in-1
Safety Mechanisms 10 10
Built-in Programs 14 10
Watts 1000W 1000W
Delayed Start Time (Up to 24-Hrs)
Thermal, Pressure & Lid Position Sensors
Plug 3 prong 2 prong
Pressure Cooking High Pressure (10.2psi – 11.6psi) Low Pressure (5.8psi – 7.2psi) High Pressure Only (10.2psi-11.6psi)
Slow Cooker (0.5-20hrs @3 temperatures)
Keep Warm Automatic Keep Warm: up to 10hrs

Manual Keep Warm: up to 99hrs and 50 minutes

Automatic Keep Warm: up to 10hrs

Manual Keep Warm: up to 10hrs

Lid Holder
Steam Rack (with handles)
Slow Cook
Pressure Cook or Manual
Condensation Collector
Cord Rack
Dimensions 13” x 12.2” x 12.6” 13” x 12.2” x 12.6”
Weight 14.57lbs 14.57lbs
Warranty 1-year 1-year
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Duo60 vs. Lux60 (Detail)

  • Wattage

Power capacity is one of the important features of a multi-cooker. Both the units under comparison offers the same 1000 watts.  Now it is difficult here to declare a winner in this category.

  • Internal coating

The main contact area of the food is the interior of the pan. Its coverage has a vital role here. Most of the multi-functional pressure cookers come with a non-stick coating. The 3-ply inner coat available with LUX60 doesn’t show any health concerns when it comes to the non-stick quality of this coating. The DUO 60 also has the same 3-ply (18/8) stainless steel coating.

  • Various pressure settings

Cookers that come with different pressure settings enable you to change the time it takes to cook a variety of dishes. You must understand that high pressure boosts faster cooking. Therefore, your cookers must be able to cook at high pressures if you want to cook different dished in it.

Both Duo60 and Lux60 pressures cookers come from the same manufacturer that is Instant Pot. Therefore, there are not many differences between the two models. However, there is a slight difference between the two models here.

With Instant Pot Duo60 pressure cooker, you can cook at both low and high pressures but the Lux60 model does not provide you with such facilitation. With the Duo60, you can cook with low pressure ranging from 5.8psi to 7.2psi and cook at a high pressure ranging from 10.2psi to 11.6psi. Lux60 only allows you to cook at high pressure.
  • Functions

Both Duo60 and Lux60 are multi-cookers and they combine various functionalities of different kitchen appliances. However, Instant Pot Duo60 is a 7-in-1 cooker while Instant Pot Lux60 is 6-in-1. Lux60 is one feature short and that is the Yogurt Maker, which is present in Duo60.

  • Plugs

The Duo60 comes with a three-pronged plug while the plug of Lux60 cooker is two-pronged. The idea behind the three-pronged plug is to protect the people from electric shock. In two-pronged plugs, one prong is hot while the other one is neutral. The third prong is ground and it prevents people from electrocuting.

  • Built-in Programs

The Duo60 also equipped its products with a smart 3rd generation microprocessors which basically mean that you now have access to 14 different built-in programs. These presets are tailored for preparing certain kinds of food such as Meat/Stew, Steam, Multigrain, Keep-Warm, Yogurt, Slow Cook, Rice, Bean/Chili, Soup, Poultry, Sauté, Porridge, Pasteurizing, and Jiu Niang. On the other hand, the Lux60 is equipped with 10 various built-in programs including Cake, Sauté, Rice, Egg, Soup/Broth, Porridge, Steam, Meat/Stew, Multigrain, and Slow Cook.

Nevertheless, you can see that Lux60 does come with programs that Duo60 does not have such as making cakes and cooking eggs. Whereas, Duo60 comes with some programs that Lux60 does not have including Yogurt, Poultry, and Bean/Chili.
  • Safety Certifications

Both DUO60 and LUX60 are ULC and UL certified products with 10 safety mechanisms and energy efficient. So there is no point of difference between the two.

  • Accessories

Instant Pot Duo60 comes with lid holder and it has a steam rack that features handles. On the other hand, the Lux60 does have any lid holder and its steam rack does not come with any handles either.


Both pressure cookers, Duo60 and Lux60 are exceptional products and they have their own strong and weak points. The prices of both these pressure cookers vary from one another. One model emphasizes versatility while the other one focuses on utility. The primary benefit of the Lux60 pressure cooker is its low price because it only relies on utility; the model is quite popular among the masses.

On the other hand, Duo60 is all about functionality and providing the users with multiple cooking options. It is one of the high-end products but it also comes with various built-in programs and a very user-friendly control panel.

Those of you, who are willing to pay more for additional features, should buy Duo60. In terms of quality, both the models are similar to one another because they come from the same brand. Both the models come with a one-year warranty and they do not vary in size, dimensions, and weight.

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