best pressure cooker

Best Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers have been around for so long to help make food with butter-infused flavors and in a better and quicker way. With time there have been pressure cookers that have changed looks, features, and several styles. Several kinds of cookers are used for better food experiences.

We have details of topmost products on the market for you to see what the world of cooking is now offering. The latest technology used while manufacturing makes them better for chefs.

You will furthermore, find the history, usage, and as many details as you will need to understand the best pressure cookers of our times.

What is a pressure cooker?

It is a cooking pot with the main job to create steam pressure and cook the food in it. This method helps cook food faster than usual and allow more flavors to be infused together.

The pressure cooker has a whistle or weights on its top usually which helps in determining when the ample amount of pressure is produced and when the food is done. The ones with the latest technology have timers and electronic settings to create the pressure and ring the timer.

History of pressure cookers

The history is said to go as far as the 17th century when the French Physicist Denis Papin, invented a digester that ran from steam. He made this invention to help food cook faster with the help of fewer resources like water and the steam that liquids in the food are able to make.

However, pressure cookers used at home were not common until the 20th century when a German decided to make it into a saucepan form with weights on top of it to reduce pressure. Homemakers loved the idea of having increased time savings by cooking food faster which is when the contraption took off and is still developing with time.

How does a pressure cooker work?

The basic principles that pressure cookers follow are to cook food in the pot with the pressure of the steam created by the liquid in the food. The pot is made of an airtight so that no steam can exit the pot without contributing to making the food first. The liquid in the food which can be water, broth, wine, or anything else is trapped in the pot to make vapors with the rising heat. Since the vapors cannot move out because of the airtight factor, the pressure is increased.

The pressure that is increased helps in speeding the cooking process, added with heat, the food is made with much more precision and flavor. Since no part of the food is actually released as vapors, the flavors are much more infused and blended with the food rather than just being a part of the environment.

How to use a pressure cooker?

To use a standard pressure cooker, first of all, ensure that it has no cracks or dents. If it does, then you should change it since it causes damage to your kitchen with all the pressure forming. It should be clean and dry without any leftover food.

When you are ready to cook and all your food is in, make sure it has enough liquid of any sort. Usually, broth, water, and wine make up for the liquid and also help in infusing the flavors better. Ensure that the cooker is not more than 2/3 filled with water otherwise it may overflow and burst.

Shut the lid tightly and make sure it is locked from all ends before you ignite the fire. Let the cooker do its job and see the food be prepared faster. It will always have some sort of indicator that tells you when the pressure is made and when the food has started to cook.

If you have a steamer with this contraption, place it on the top like instructed and put fruits and vegetables. Fill the bottle with water so that steam can be produced. Follow the former instructions and get finely steamed vegetables and fruits.

Pressure cooker Vs slow cooker

Slow cookers and pressure cookers are exactly the opposite of each other. Pressure cookers cook food faster than regular pots do because of the steam pressure in them. Slow cookers can cook food for up to 8 hours steadily infusing every bit of flavor in them.

Both the appliances can cook all types of food but flavors do vary with them. In some cases like for beef, a pressure cooker is suggested as it helps in cooking the meat inside out without overdoing it and keeping it brown from the outside. However, if you want to make chicken, slow cookers help in preventing overcooking of them and keep them juicy, flavor-infused and much better cooked than a pressure cooker will cook it.

Slow cookers generally have a heating unit so that direct heat does not burn the food and it can be cooked for hours without being overdone. For some recipes, you will have to open the lid every few hours and stir it or you may even have to do it much more often.  The set it and forget it the system can be applied here, however, if your machine is not automatic then you will have to look every once in a while and manage the heat.

Pressure cookers for whom?

These are great for people that like to cook fast foods and for people that have to make meals at home as well as work a fulltime job. The steam that is built allows the food to be cooked faster than usual. Once you set the pressure and the heat, all you have to do is sit back and relax for a few minutes since you will have to get back up to turn off your stove. No stirring is allowed; in fact, you cannot even open the lid to check the status since that may ruin the whole purpose of an airtight pot. If you have an automatic one, you can set your custom recipe and the food will stop cooking when the timer is turned off.

Top 7 Best (Electric) Pressure Cooker(Reviews and compare)

Short Reviews Material Sizes Highlight Best for Price
Instant Pot Smart

(Editor choice)

Stainless Steel 2 Bluetooth Home $$$
Kuhn Rikon Duromatic

(Editor choice)

Stainless steel 3 Locking Lid Simple use $$$ 
Instant Pot DUO60


Stainless steel 3 Accessories Healthy eating $
Instant Pot Multi-Use Stainless steel 3 Programmable Storing seven in one in small kitchens $
Power Pressure Cooker XL Stainless steel 2 Fast cooking Cooking healthy meals $
Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Stockpot Stainless steel 6 Pressure adjustability Slow cooking $$
COSORI Premium Programmable Multi-Cooker Steel 1 Smart controls Cooking along with other chores $

Instant Pot Smart Electric Pressure Cooker – Best for home

Instant Pot Smart Pressure Cooker


Instant pot smart produces a great range of pressure cookers that are highly competitive in the market. The company is reliable in making pressure cookers with a long and durable life and equipped with the latest technology. With a variety of range in the cookers, you can choose the one that makes you experience cooking like never before.

  • Features:

The innumerable features make this pressure cooker an amazing item to purchase and to enjoy your cooking experience. Take a look at the few prominent features of this product has to offer.

  • Seven in one appliance:

Unlike any regular cooker, this one can replace seven of your appliances by doing all of their jobs perfectly. It can work as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté, and warmer altogether.

  • Programmable:

The instant pot smart is a high functioning new aged pressure cooker which can be programmed according to the food you want to cook. Instant of hearing an old whistle blow up when your food is ready, you can simply get an alarm on your phone by the Bluetooth connection that is available with the appliance. The electric power option also cuts off all sources of heat automatically to the internal pot in case your food is ready.

  • Sensors:

There is a Bluetooth sensor in the appliance which will help you monitor your food from your phone or tablet easily so that you do not have to stay near the kitchen all the time in the heat. A lid sensor is also attached which ensures the lid is tightly and perfectly enclosed when the food starts cooking, this prevents accidents in the kitchen.

  • Stainless steel cooking pot:

The cooking pot is made to be stainless steel. It is easy to clean and even better to make food in. It has no coatings of chemicals that can make the foods harmful to you and your family as soon as contact is made. For further assurance, you can find UL and ULC certification with this product. The lid, the pot, and the steam rack are all dishwasher safer.


  • Stainless steel, chemical-free pot
  • Programmable device
  • Lid sensors and Bluetooth sensor
  • Versatility of usage


  • Does not work on a gas stove
  • High price
  • Bottom line:

The high tech functioning pressure cooker should be a new addition to your kitchen. With the exceptional technology used along with the safety approvals, this pot makes a great addition to your cooking range in the kitchen.

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Electric Pressure Cooker – High quality choice

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pressure Cooker

Kuhn Rikon has been ruling the world of cooking since 1926. It has been going neck to neck with time to bring about the greatest gadgets that help in every step of cooking. The company is a renowned name worldwide and has made a trusted name among its sellers.

  • Features:

A company which is running for so long must have great aspects to make customers remain satisfied all the time. We have discussed a few features which help in understanding the various features.

  • Locking system:

The Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker has an automatic locking system which allows users to not be stressed while cooking in a pressure cooker. The lid automatically locks to prevent kitchen accidents and can be released back easily for a better and much safer coming experience.

  • Pressure check:

The pressure on the cooker is a valve which has marked lines on it. You can easily see the amount of pressure built up and then release the pressure by just turning the knob for slow and easy steam to release. An impactful steam is not released for safety purposes.

  • Fast:

The technology used allows cooking to be fast and the heat is balanced throughout the cooker. There is a 70% reduction in the cooking time and there is much more safety than the traditional cooker provides. The cooker also ensures none of the vitamins and minerals of the food are lost while cooking.

  • Additional features:

For an added bonus, the company provides a warranty for ten years and the ability for the pot to work on any kind of stove. It is also made out of stainless steel and has three different sizes for you to choose for your kitchen.


  • Swiss engineered and Swiss Made
  • Best for holiday meals/parties
  • Additional ten years warranty
  • Fast cooking
  • Safe pressure release
  • Auto locking and easy releasing of the lid


  • No glass lid
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Bottom line:

This traditional style pressure cooker has touches of newness. It is with its exceptional fast cooking ability and locking system. It helps in preventing cooking accidents and it makes for a great cooking partner for your kitchen.

Instant Pot DUO60 Multi-Use Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker – Best for the money

Instant Pot DUO60 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot has a variety of multiple-use pressure cooker available in various sizes and model, this one is another example of the greatness the company produces. The company is known to meet multiple safety standards and makes cooking better.

  • Features:

The instant pot pressure cooker is an advanced kitchen appliance that uses all the new technology fit into it. We have discussed a few features which are the main attraction towards the pot itself.

  • Multiple usages:

This pot can replace seven of your kitchen gadgets as it has a different setting to be used accordingly. You can use it as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pot, yogurt maker, and for so many more things. Each aspect is excellent for this pot and you can make use of the versatility without leaving out any settings that you would want.

  • Programmable:

This smart pressure cooker can be programmed according to the requirement of the food that is cooking in it. You can select the use of this pot and then use the fed in settings or customize them according to your requirements. With a touch of the button, making food becomes more efficient and easy. You also have the option to choose how much pressure you want in the cooker and enjoy cooking with precision.

  • Stainless steel used:

For the pot, lid, and the steel rack stainless steel is used. The material is not coated with any chemicals which make the food safer to consume. For proof, the cooker is approved by the UL and ULC. You can also enjoy washing them in the dishwasher easily.

  • Microprocessor:

This pressure cooker has a microprocessor attached to it which makes the heat distribute evenly around the pot and helps in maintaining the temperature. It also helps in maintaining the pressure, adjusts the heat, and can adjust the timer to shut off heat when the food is done.  


  • The microprocessor technology
  • Dishwasher and chemical safe stainless steel lid, steam rack, and pot
  • Easy and many programming options
  • The versatility of the pot


  • Cannot be used on a gas stove
  • Does not have a Bluetooth sensor
  • Bottom line:

With the latest technology and programming ability, you will find this pressure cooker to assist you in cooking like never before. It comes with a trustworthy face and will make your kitchen time better.

Instant Pot DU080 8 Multi-Use Programmable

Instant Pot DU080 8 Multi-Use Programmable

Instant pots are one of the greatest cooking appliances that you will find on the market. They are made with the latest technology to assist the cook in as many ways as a machine can. These pots are available in a wide range which makes them even better.

  • Features:    

This instant pot is made with features that make any chef want to try it out and keep it with them. This pot is 8 QT in size and can help you make a huge meal too. There are many other features on this pot too which are discussed below.

  • Healthy material:

The material used for the pot, the lid, and the steam stack is stainless steel which is highly durable and maintains heat and cooking temperature evenly. To avoid the many harms of stainless steel, zero chemicals are used for this pot. No area that comes in contact with food is hence contaminated.

  • Latest built:

The pressure cooker is made with the latest technology of microprocessors. This technology allows the food to have maintained heat as programmed, the pressure is maintained, heat is evenly distributed, and the time duration is managed. With this technology, you can achieve the perfectly cooked meal every time without having to stress about being in the kitchen for a long time.

  • Automatic:

Perhaps, one of the best features to be found in this pressure cooker is its ability to be programmed. The automatic settings allow users to set the time and the temperature of the food. Cooks can choose the time that is fed into the system or they can choose their own settings. They can also choose pressure intensity and relax while the machine does all the work. The heat also stops reaching the inner pot once the timer indicates the stop.

  • Additional accessories:

The company suggests using all original company accessories for better results. With this product you get the steam rack with handles, rice paddle for cooking, soup spoon, measuring cups, condensation collector, and even a recipe booklet.


  • The size is big enough for perfectly cooking a huge meal
  • The system is automatic and can easily be set
  • Latest build with microprocessors allows a better experience
  • The materials are safe and healthy


  • It can only run on induction plates
  • It cannot be connected to your smartphone
  • Bottom line:

With the latest built and budget-friendly option, this pressure cooker stands out in your kitchen. You will love the stylishness and the experience that it shall provide you at a very reasonable price.

Power Pressure Cooker XL

Power Pressure Cooker XL

The power pressure cooker is made with great precision in terms of built and the result that it gives. The company ensures the durability of the product and its result. Over the years, this brand has made its name with their quality and style.

  • Features:    

It has the latest technology and many different aspects that help it stand out in and make your kitchen stylish. A few of the features are discussed below.

  • Preserves food

The material and the technology help in keeping the food flavors intact and even better. The burning of flavors that happens in most of the pressure cookers is avoided by this machine. With the nonstick design of the inner pot, you do not have to worry about added loads of oils.

  • Seven in one design

This pressure cooker has the ability to work as seven different appliances that your kitchen might have. You can use it as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, canner, soup maker, steamer, cookware, and rice cooker. All the settings are saved in the appliance and you can choose it accordingly. The cooking time is also faster by 70%

  • Safe locking lid

The lid of this pressure cooker is designed with a safety lock so that accidents are prevented in the kitchen. The locking system does not allow the cooker to start unless the lid is tightly enclosed. The removal of the lid is not a complicated process.

  • Programmable design

The pressure cooker is automatic and it is easy to program. With the touch of a button, you can simply set the time, pressure, and heat intensity and begin cooking. You will not have to check again and again for the food and stay in the kitchen for long hours with this cooker.


  • The pressure cooker has a computer programmable system
  • The safe lid lock allows the cooker to be safe
  • Nonstick pot helps in healthy cooking with infused flavors
  • The design is versatile and a replacement for seven appliances


  • This cannot be connected to a smartphone
  • There are no additional accessories that come with it
  • Bottom line:

You can save money and time with this stylish pressure cooker that can replace seven of your kitchen appliances for the better. It is a worthwhile purchase to assist you in your cooking.

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Stockpot Pressure Cooker

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Stockpot Pressure Cooker

Kuhn Rikon has been around for over 80 years and has been providing great kitchen appliances of the time. They make sure to produce products are satisfying in terms of quality, features, and durability which is why they are one of the most trusted brands for cooks.

  • Features:

The traditional design of the Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker looks simple but it has so many great features. It has an 8 QT capacity and can be used to prepare larger meals with ease in your kitchen. A few of the great features are discussed below.

  • Fast cooking:

The stainless steel and the even distribution allow the food to be cooked faster and more efficiently. The cooking speed is increased by up to 70% with precision and perfection. This feature is great for slow cooking and cooking large meals

  • Lid lock:

The lid of this pressure cooker has the ability to lock itself which eventually reduces any accidents that take place because of the lid in the kitchen. The automatic lock helps in reducing your stress of repositioning the lid over and over again as well

  • Pressure:

For pressure, there is a knob placed on the top with marked red lines. These lines can help you see how much pressure you want your food to be cooked. Cooks will also find to conveniently turn off the knob as soon as the desired pressure is reached. The steam is removed slowly so there is not an impact in the kitchen.

  • Warranty:

The warranty of the product is made of over 10 years to help customers be more satisfied with their purchase. The company also allows users to use the machine on the choice of their stove whether it is an induction stove or a gas stove.


  • Fast cooking and even cooking
  • Safety lock on the lid
  • Customer satisfaction with the warranty
  • Pressure can be adjusted with the knob


  • There is no timer on this pressure cooker
  • It cannot be used as other utensils
  • Bottom line:

The traditional design with the modern touch and features such as fast cooking and even temperature allows this product to be more efficient than the regular pressure cookers in the marker.

COSORI 6 Premium Programmable Multi-Cooker

COSORI 6 Premium Programmable Multi-Cooker

The Cosori premium programmable multi cooker helps in making your kitchen a much better cooking experience for you as a chore or as someone who loved to cook. The company uses features that help the customers in being satisfied with the product.

  • Features:

The Cosori premium multi-cooker is the latest style of pressure cookers. Not only do the features help in making the chef happier, it also makes the work easier for people that have to cook out of compulsion. A few of the features a discussed in detail below:

  • Lid security:

To prevent kitchen accidents and cooking hazards, there is maximum lid security in the pressure cooker. The Micro limit switch ensures the protection of the lid being sealed so that the pressure is not exited out of the cooker. The unlock indicator notifies if the pot is locked or not.

  • Programming ability:

Users can enjoy running the cooker on the fed in settings of the cooker or they can set their own timings. The pressure, the heat intensity, and the timings can be easily set with the simple touch buttons. You can also change the settings between the cooking. You can also set the temperature range in Celsius and Fahrenheit according to your preference.

  • Automatic off:

To avoid overcooking and burning of the food, the induction automatically turns off the heat to the food so that the food is not overcooked. This feature also works when the timer ends. Users can do other chores as well and do not have to stay in the kitchen for a long time anymore. The pressure is already released when it goes high which means your food is always safe in this pressure cooker.


  • The automatic off and pressure control
  • The safety in the lid and the notification of the lock
  • Can be programmed to your settings
  • Automatic settings fed into the system


  • There is no versatility
  • It cannot be connected to the smartphone
  • Bottom line:

Features like auto off and on help in making the system much more safe and easy to use. The system can be programmed to settings of your choice which helps in making the cooking experience better.


With emerging time, there have been so many changes in the classical pressure cooker. It is amusing to see that the technology was first invented in the 17th century and it is still as big a hit as it was 4 centuries ago.

Even though new features are added and the cookers are now smart cookers, the point and basic principle remain the same and are proved to be highly useful in the professional kitchens and the personal kitchens as well.

We hope after reading this article, you have all the information you need about pressure cookers, and you are able to buy the ones which are best for your usage.

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