How To Boil Chicken?

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The word boiling always puts some people off because of the aura it brings with it. When we think of something boiled, we always think of it as a tasteless, mushed kind of a dish which is not at all true.

Can you Boil frozen chicken

There are days when you are very busy and don’t have enough time to thaw your meat, or sometimes you make sudden dinner cooking plans and don’t have enough time to thaw the meat, you can always boil the frozen meat. Cooking chicken is not very hard, neither is cooking frozen chicken.

The few steps you need to follow while cooking frozen meat are:

  • Put your chicken in cold water such that all the meat is submerged.
  • Put the stove on medium-low heat.
  • Extend your cooking time by fifty percent.
  • Once the water starts boiling, let the meat cook for 35 to 40 minutes.
  • Check if the meat is cooked.

This is a safe and healthy way to cook frozen meat without any health hazards but it is not always advised. You should always try to thaw your meat first and then cook it.

Best Way to Boil Chicken

Boiling a chicken is one of the best ways of cooking it as compared to baking and grilling it. When you bake or grill a chicken, it always ends up dry and chewy which makes it hard to use it in salads and other dishes. If you boil it, it turns out to be fresh, juicy and tender. You can easily use it in any kind of dish, whether it is salads, wraps, sandwiches, or even pizza.

Once you master the art of boiling, you will see that you can experiment with it and make all kinds of tasty, savory broth with tender and juicy meat. This broth can be used as soups or can be combined with boiled rice, roti or full wheat bran bread to make it a full healthy meal with a boost of protein.

Preparing a chicken 

This is one of the most important steps in boiling any kind of meat. Preparing it is extremely important. If you have frozen chicken, thaw it for two hours before preparation at room temperature or overnight in the refrigerator.

Once you have thawed meat, look for any kind of veins or fat that is left off on the meat during the cleaning
process. If you don’t see any fat or veins, you are ready for the next step. Now you need to wash the meat rigorously to remove any kind of bacteria that might have stayed on it. Make sure you rub it and wash it properly.

You can also wash it with lemon water or white vinegar to get rid of the meaty smell. If you want to add some spices to it, you can pound the meat or put small cuts on it. You can also use a fork to punch holes for the spices to reach the bottom.

Boiling whole chicken

To boil a whole chicken, first, you need to prepare the meat, rinse it thoroughly from the inside as well as the outside. Once you are done, you can either cook it in a pressure cooker or a simple pot.

The only thing you need to take care of is that the chicken should be completely submerged in the water. If it is not, the meat will not cook properly. Once the meat turns white and is tender, you can drain the broth and use the meat for whatever purpose you like.

Boiling chicken breast

Chicken breasts a heavy on meat as compared to other parts, but the meat is very tender and easy to cook. It hardly takes any time to cook. Boiling it is very easy, just follow the simple steps explained above and cook them normally. Once cooked, you can dice them or shred them.

How long to boil chicken

Boiling a chicken is as easy as boiling any vegetable. If the meat is frozen, wait for it to thaw and then put it in water such that it is completely under water. Put the pan on the stove and let the water come to a simmer. Cover the pot and let the meat cook for 30 minutes.

To check if the meat has cooked, cut it slightly to see if it is not pink anymore from the inside. If it is pink, then let it cook till it turns white. The broth might not taste good since you have not added any salt or other spices but the meat will be perfectly tender and juicy.

Making tasty chicken broth

If you are using a whole chicken then you don’t need any extra broth, you can boil it with salt, pepper and ginger garlic paste and the water in which it is boiled can be easily used as chicken broth. You can also add vegetable and herbs of your choice to enhance the taste. A broth made in this way can be used as a soup to eat with bread and can also be combined with rice. It is extremely healthy and gives a lot of strength and energy as well.

If you want to make broth along with boiling chicken breasts then you need a separately made chicken broth. Put the thawed meat in the broth and let it cook. Similar to boiling a whole chicken, you can add vegetables and spices to this as well. It gives the broth an enhanced taste and aroma and also makes it healthier.

The vegetables that can be used in broth are celery, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, leafy greens etc. you can also add in seed and herb like basil, dried parsley, oregano, rosemary etc.

This broth is very energizing especially for people recovering from any medical problem, old people, children, pregnant women as well. You can make small packets of the broth made and freeze them. These frozen meals can be used for one month without any health hazard.

Poaching chicken breast

Poaching breast meats give it a specific aroma and tenderness that is not found in the boiled chicken breast.
Sometimes, boiling makes the breast meat a little tasteless, poaching can prevent that.

To poach breast meat all you have to do is add the meat into a shallow pan, put water or broth such that the meat is covered halfway. Add spices and herbs and let it cook for about five minutes. Tender poached meat is ready to be served with rice or bread.



Spices you can add to the meat while boiling

There are a lot of spices that can not only enhance the taste of chicken broth but also increase its medicinal value. Salt is added just for the sake of taste but adding ginger and garlic not only gets rid of the meaty aroma but also has a positive effect on your digestion, especially ginger. The addition of black pepper helps to strengthen your immunity as well as help in soothing a sore throat.

Some people, specifically Indians add turmeric to their broth because of the high medicinal qualities it possesses. You can either use powdered turmeric or fresh turmeric. It has antibiotic capabilities and helps in relieving any kind of infections in the body.


Boiled, poached or chicken broth, all of them have more than one benefit for humans. It is not only a boost of protein and a low-calorie meal but also helps in improving your immunity and gives strength to your bones. There are more than one ways to make chicken broth and add them to our daily routine by combining them with our side dishes.

Keeping in mind the health benefits of boiled chicken, all the methods of making broth and boiling chicken are discussed in this article for your ease and information.

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