Air fryer vs Deep fryer vs oven

Air Fryer VS Deep Fryer VS Convection Oven

When we talk about three different kinds of fryers, then we should be well-aware of the main aspects in which they differ. Air fryer comes out to be one of the latest technology which uses hot air to cook up your food, that is, of course, better for health as it uses less oil.

Still, all three fryers have their own pros and cons which should be thoroughly studied. Their functions, taste, and health benefits are different in every way but it is your decision to choose the one that suits you perfectly and does the job perfectly.

Air Fryer VS Deep Fryer VS Convection Oven

Name of product Electricity needed Oil or without oil Dishwasher safe components
Air fryer Yes Without oil Dishwasher safe  components
Deep fryer Yes With oil Dishwasher safe components
Convection oven Yes Without oil Not dishwasher safe components

Differences in Functions

An air fryer is one of its kind which has been launched in recent years, it uses hot air that circulated around the food in order to cook it. A mechanical fan is used which circulated the air at a great speed, it causes a crisp layer around the food.

Deep fryer uses a lot of fat oil that cooks the food which totally gets submerged in hot fat. It could any sort of oil which you put into the fryer and once the temperature is set your food gets cooked in a pool of oil, having a fried layer over it.

Convention ovens is a great and an old method of cooking the food, it circulates the air and transfers the heat faster than other baking ovens. These are simpler in use as well as only a fan roasts up your food, food is juicily cooked evenly.

Calories you’ll get after cooking

If you are more of a diet person and like to count your calories for whatever you need to, then air fryers are best for you. They help you lose weight as the food cooked in it reduces a great number of fat calories with no compromise on the taste.

A deep fryer as said earlier has a lot of fat oil and the whole food is cooked into it, so it does contain fat and a lot of it. There are a lot of calories that would simply just add up to your list if you start cooking in this fryer.

The convection oven is another way to count your calories well as it uses up a fan heat to cook food inside out, neither does it contain any oil. So, it is always good to cook in this oven if you want less calorie count.


Health is by far the most important aspect which should be studied, no matter what food we eat or how we cook it, what matters is that is it healthy enough for us?

If you cook food in air fryers then it takes up only hot air to cook up your food, it is quite good for your health as it makes better food with eighty percent less fat and you have no oil intake as well.

For deep fryers, there is oil, so whenever you cook something in a bucket of oil it gets so much accumulated inside, that it finishes off the real healthy fats. Fat oil is somewhat good for our bodies but not entirely and too much intake can clog heart veins. So, we should try to avoid eating deep fried foods.

Food cooked in convection ovens is fine and seems healthy enough as well, as it has no oil intake and you can simply heat them in the oven, but there are a lot of radiations that work in convention ovens which somewhat cause problems later in life.

Taste Differences

While you see all the other things, health and calorie count, with that it comes that is your food tasty? No one wants to eat food which doesn’t taste good.

Air fryers bring you food that tastes a bit different than the deep-fried one, the main difference being that most foods are just suitable for frying and seem to be better off in it. Once they are air fried the oily sensation just washes away, but the crispy food stays.

In deep fryers, the taste maintains well, all foods are best found when they are deep fried as they make a good crispy layer around them, also have that sensation of fried food which everyone craves for. So, food that is deep fried tastes good.

Some people, do not like their chicken to have that fried layer, for them convention ovens are best. Food is cooked thoroughly evenly with a great taste of the food itself, having no oil or greasiness.

 Cooking time

Timings differ by the item that we are using if you have an air fryer it usually takes up to 12 minutes to cook a whole tender chicken if you give it extra 2-3 minutes it will give the form a crispy layer on top as well.

Whereas deep fryers take lesser time as they have preheated fat oil which is already on the go all you do is add your chicken and leave it there for almost 8-10 minutes, it cooks well forming a crispy meat.

Convection ovens are faster in cooking as well, they take usually 5-10 minutes in general, but all depending on the temperature that you have set the oven for.


Price is more or less same but they usually depend upon the model that you are going to buy, newer the model more will be the price.

In general, air fryers are the most expensive ones as they have a new technology which works for them, they also give you good healthy food. So, it is worth the price.

Deep fryers are mostly used in various houses, so they start from a lower range of money and can end up to maximum price on the basis of its features and the model that you opt for. But they are less expensive than air fryers.

Convection ovens are costly as well, but not as much as an air fryer, whereas costly than a deep fryer. They could be found in different sizes so the cost depends upon that.

Size and capacity of cooking

Air fryers are compact and can be easily placed on the countertop, the size makes sure that you can cook a reasonable meal for a person or two. They are not gigantic and do not need any extra space in the kitchen to be placed. These fryers are usually smaller in size so you cannot cook a lot of food in one go.

Deep fryers are same as of air fryers, or you could a little bigger in size. They are heavier when oil is added to it. The capacity of cooking is good too and you can cook a whole chicken at a single go.

Convection ovens are the largest, as they come in various sizes but all of them are mostly placed on the counter so a person needs to set a place for it. The capacity of cooking is more than both the above fryers.


If you are not much of a cleaning person and want everything to be neat and clean, not much messy then you need to mark your choices before time.

Air fryers use no oil and contain less mess, there is no specific need of anything which needs to be added into the fryer to get the food ready. That in result makes it easier to clean and you do not have to make much effort.

Deep fryers have oil in t so of course, they will take time to clean. As you should take the oil out and clean it thoroughly then add new oil, otherwise, it will stain and wear off in lesser time that you have expected. To maintain it you need to clean it after some time as well. So, it is a liability which needs to be done very often.

Convection ovens have no difficulty in getting cleaned up as they do not use any oil either and all you should do is cook in them with the help of hot air. It makes the task easier and maintenance doesn’t cost much either, nor money either time.


Air fryers are quite easy to use, as they have already-mentioned options from which you can select and get stuff done. They are even good if you want to reheat things. The plates in air fryer can be taken out and directly put in the dishwasher, so cleanliness isn’t much of a big problem either.

Deep fryers are not used for reheating in any sense, and they are harder to clean which time is taking as well.

Convention ovens need to be preheated in order to get things done, so it takes time as well and cleaning it is getting your hands inside and scrubbing.


After thoroughly reading all the pros and cons of these three fryers, we have seen that all three of them have something different in them which we love about them. It is not a normal practice to have all three of them at your house as they serve a common purpose.

What you need to see is that if you can stay away from much oily stuff and are conscious about your health, then it is worth spending some money and buy the Air Fryer. It is the best one among these three as the technology is new, calories are very low as you won’t have to cook in oil.

Other features include that an air fryer is easy to maintain and clean, you really don’t have to take hours out and wash them, just take the basket out and put it straight into the dishwasher. Finishes off the job soon and gives you great food in no time, even preheating is done just like in microwave but this fryer gives the better texture to food.

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