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Best Air Fryer

Most of the population from around the world are suffering from obesity. The reason is the intake of unhealthy and fattening food available easily and the decreasing amount of manual labor done because of phones, laptops, and televisions. To revert to a healthy lifestyle, you will have to control your eating habits.

To help in controlling eating habits, air fryers have been introduced in the market. Air fryers use no oil to fry, steam, grill, and even sauté your favorite food. The amount of fats is reduced to up to 75% and the food becomes much healthier.

This article is compiled to help you choose from the best air fryers.

What is an air fryer?

Air fryer uses about one tablespoon or even no oil to help achieve the frying effect of the food. It uses hot air to circulate and fry the food and achieves great results.

Air fryers are a much recent invention to help users shift to a healthy lifestyle without having to compromise on their favorite foods. There are many different types available in the market to choose from. People prefer to go for the ones that use the latest technology and can do much more than just frying.

How does an air fryer work?

An air fryer used circulating heated air to cook the food that is placed inside it. A mechanical fan inside the machine helps in circulating the heat in a speed which allows the food to be cooked and a crispy layer to form on the surface of the food which gives a fried kind of an effect.

The cooking chamber that is inside the air fryer is made to be near the food tray to make the food cook much more efficiently and easily. Since no direct heat given, the usage of oil is entirely up to the user. They can add up to one tablespoon or even no oil.

The machine also has an exhaust to help in taking air in and throwing back the undesired heated air that is excess in the machine. This system also allows the regulation of clean air constantly on the system.

The cooking time is much faster; it increases by 20% on standard air fryers and can increase even more. Since there is always heat radiating, the machine needs to be in an open area without many things around it which can catch fire or be ruined by the heat.

How to use the air fryer?

The air fryer is not a very complicated contraption. In fact, it is very simple and much more convenient to use than other kitchen appliances.

Before you learn to use the air fryer, check the type you have. Is it an analog one or a digital one; how much food can it take at once; and if it is in a safe place.

The first and foremost step is to add the food of your choice and make sure you do not overcrowd the food in the machine. Take a look at how much food can it carry at once and follow those instructions.  If you want, you can add one tablespoon of oil.

Whatever food you put in the air fryer, make sure that is dry and not filled with moisture. The results may vary and not be as crispy as required if the food is wet.

Always keep an eye out on the timer and make sure that you can hear when it dings or makes a sound. If your machine is not an automatic shutdown, then make sure that you are vigilant.

Always make sure to keep it clean and free from residing of old food. You can also use the machine to grill and steam food aside from frying it.

Air Fryer Buying guide

To help you through finding the best air fryer in the market, we have compiled this buying guide. The guide will help you in finding the focal points of the appliance.

Look For the Capacity

The size of the air fryer and its capacity is the first and foremost thing that you need to see. The size will depend on the amount of food you will need to cook in the air fryer.

If you are buying it for most of the family, then it is imperative to go for the ones that have bigger sizes. 5.3 qt. are suitable sizes for 5 – 7 people; the 4.3 are suitable for 3 – 4 people. If you are the sole person, you can go for the 3.4 qt. size.

Analog and Digital

The analog and digital do make a difference. Analog air fryers do not have many options to play around with, whereas most digital ones come with a few pre-saved settings.

You can feed settings of your choice, and you can even hear an alarm when the food is cooking so that you can shake and check the food in between the cooking. Both the types do offer temperature and timer control settings; however, the digital ones usually have a wider range of options.

Check the Cookware

The cookware or the drawer of the air fryer shall be best if it is entirely removable. This feature may not look like it matters much, but it actually helps in cleaning and maintaining the machine for a long time. The removable box will also help in reduces the chances of breakage in the opening and closing the air fryer as a whole.

Additionally, it is ideal to buy the air fryer that at least comes with a baking tray and a basket. The tray will help in steaming and baking the food while the basket is perfect for frying food in the machine. You may get them externally, but using the one of the right company is much more efficient to the user.


Some air fryers are very versatile. They can work as steamers, grillers, and other purposes. However, others are only perfect for frying. If you are to use the air fryer for much more than just fired healthy food, then it is ideal to go for the ones that are much more versatile in options.

7 Best Air Fryer 2018(Reviews and compare)

Short Reviews Capacity Weight Cooking time Highlight Price
Philips XL, HD 9240/94 2.65 lbs. 18.98 lbs. 60 minutes Digital settings  $$$
GoWISE USA Electric 5.8 Qt. 16.6 lbs. Up to 30 minutes Safe detachment $$
Philips, HD 9220/28 1.75 lbs. 28 oz. 30 minutes Starfish design  $$
Power XL 3.4 qt. 12.45 lbs. 60 minutes Can be used for baking $$
Secura Hot 4.2 qt. 10.3 lbs. 60 minutes Comes with a toaster and skewer $
BELLA TXG-DS14-14538 2.2 lbs. 10 lbs. 60 minutes Convectional technology  $
 Simple Chef 3.5 liter 11.82 lbs. 30 minutes Adjustment of temperature  $

Philips XL HD9240/94 – XL Choice/Editor’s choice

Philips XL Airfryer

Philips is a well-known brand that was the first to derive the concept of an air frying machine. The company uses advanced technology for all the electric items that they make.

The Philips air fryer comes with a lot of different features and first of the many ranges of air fryers in the market. The following are a few different features that are discussed briefly.

  • Digital touchscreen

The digital touchscreen and its capacity make it easier to run the machine. The simple setting allows the users to set the temperature and the cooking time. It also enables users to keep an eye on the status of the food so that they know when to shake, stir, or flip the side of the food that they are making.

  • Customized settings

Once you decide the settings you want for a particular food, you can save the settings on just a push of the button. Your customized settings will appear in front of you so that the next time, all you have to do is select the option of the food you are about to prepare.

  • Cooking capacity

The cooking capacity of this air fryer is large and unlike many other brands, it can accommodate about 2.65 lbs. of food which is enough to feed about four people at once. The air fryer cooks all the food equally as per the settings that you manage to feed in the system.

  • Cookware

The cookware of the air fryer includes a food basket and a food drawer. Both of the items are easy to put and easy to remove. They are also nonstick so that you can cook safely and you can wash them in the dishwasher without any problems.

  • Bottom line

The original idea of the air fryer was thanks to Philips and they prove by offering great features like a big size and easy programmable options. It is highly recommended for people that want to revert to a healthy lifestyle.


  • The additional cookware is nonstick and dishwasher safe
  • You can feed in the settings according to your preference
  • Digital touchscreen is easy to control
  • The cooking capacity goes up to 2.65 lbs.


  • There is no alarm system in the machine
  • You cannot change the setting of the cooking time

The GoWise USA  – #1 Best Seller

The GoWise USA

The GoWISE USA products are a great addition to your kitchen for a healthier lifestyle. The company makes machines up to the latest technology which allows users to enjoy advancements over time with convenience. GoWISE also ensures great quality and customer satisfaction with their products.

There are a number of great features that come with the GoWISE electric air fryer. These features help in making the product better for customer usage. A few of them are mentioned briefly below.

  • Easy programming

The advanced touch screen features allow users to easily program the time and the temperature that they require. The machine has a few preset recipe times so that you can remove all the guesswork from your recipes.

From steaks to French fries, you can practically cook anything with the preset timer or you can time is according to your preference. The programming also allows you to pause between the cooking times and reschedule the machine.

  • Alarm

The machine comes with a timer which helps in telling you about when the food is done. Additionally, it comes with an alarm that reminds you to shake, stir, or change the side of the food.

This feature allows you to have a better-cooked meal with even sides and a crispy finish to the ones that you want crispy. The alarm will also ring when the timer ends and you can simply run to get your food.

  • Cookware

The Air fryer comes with an FDA approved free pan that is free of PFOA too. A detachable basked also comes with the machine with handles that do not heat up so you can hold them without a problem.

To make sure the usage of the product is safe; there is a button guard that reduces the chance of accidental detachment from the machine during cooking.

  • Additional Recipe book

The machine also comes with an added recipe book for users to enjoy over 50 healthy recipes.

  • Bottom line

With great features like an alarm system and many different colors, this air fryer becomes a great addition to your lifestyle of healthy eating while eating anything you like.


  • The programming is easy with fed in recipe timings and temperatures
  • An alarm to help in shaking and stirring the food
  • The pans included are FDA approved without any harmful touches to the food
  • The size is XL which helps in feeding a family of four


  • Cannot feed in new settings
  • The basket and pans are not dishwasher safe

Philips  HD 9220/28  – Best Baking pan

Philips HD9220

Philips is a widely trusted brand in terms of electronics and home appliances. They have made their reputation in the market all over the world as very trustworthy to the customers. They were the first ones to induce the idea of an air fryer and this product is the first ever.

The idea of an air fryer was a great one that allowed people to shift to a healthier lifestyle without any problems. This product is the first ever one that made people fall in love. It is still is a great option which can be proved with the features discussed below.

  • Starfish design

The unique and never heard of starfish design allows the food to cook perfectly without using oils and hence, reduces fat up to 75 %. The design reduces the loss of flavor while frying or steaming in the machine and makes it as good as frying, except just healthier.

  • Versatility

Unlike for other air fryers, this machine can be used to steam, roast, grill, and cook with less than a teaspoon of oil. There is a recipe book with over 150 healthy recipes that you can try in this air fryer.

  • Cookware

The cookware of this air frying machine is can fit up to one bag of French fries or about 1.75 lbs of food. The parts are made dishwasher safe so that you do not have to worry about washing them and treating them more kindly than your washer will.

  • Timer

The timer technology is analog and allows users to set the timer for up to 30 minutes for the food of their choice. You can stop the air fryer in between meals and check them just to get them started again. The machine makes a noise when the food is ready so you can enjoy a hot and healthily cooked meal.

  • Bottom line

This is the original air fryer design comes with a recipe book of over 150 recipes. Great features like the starfish design help in making the product hot and crispy and worth each penny that you spend.


  • Analog technology allows you to set time and check it in between meals
  • The cookware is dishwasher safe
  • You can use it for steaming, grilling, and even roasting
  • The starfish design allows the flavors to stay inside the food


  • You cannot feed in the setting of the food
  • You cannot set the temperature according to your preference

Power Air Fryer- Professional Chef’s Choice

Power Air Fryer X

Power Company has made itself trustworthy by producing great home appliances. Their air fryer is one of the most running items as it brings great results and is highly easy to use.

The power air fryer is filled with power pact features that make it a great purchase. A few of the features are discussed briefly below.

  • Versatility

When you purchase this air fryer for a healthy lifestyle choice, you are not only going to be replacing the frying options of your kitchen; you are also going to be getting a roasting, baking, sautéing, grilling, and steaming option to go with it. All of the foods will be equally as healthy as the air frying will be.

  • Programming

The programming of this air fryer is made simply and goof-proof. There are seven preset times that you can use of you can program the time and temperature according to your preference and enjoy the cooking. The machine automatically shuts off when the food is ready.

  • Range

The product ranges from two different colors to choose from; black or red. You can also choose between two different sizes depending on how many people you plan to serve with one air fryer. The 3.4 quart is ideal for 2-4 people, and the 5.3 is ideal for 4-6 people that you can cook for at once.

  • Cookware

The machine comes with one baking dish that can be fit into the fryer. The cool handle allows you to simply pull the drawer out without burning your hands. It also comes with a divider plate that will make the food much easier to make.

  • Bottom line

The power air fryer is a six in one heaven for chefs. It is the perfect replacement for your old cooking methods in the kitchen by making it simpler and healthier cooking for a large family.


  • The programming is very easy with an auto to shut up
  • Seven different pre-fed settings
  • The machine is a six in one machine
  • It comes with one baking tray which can be of different sizes as you choose


  • There is no alarm to know the food is ready
  • The cookware is not nonstick or dishwasher proof

 Secura Hot Air Fryer – Best for the money

 Secura Hot Air Fryer

Secura brand makes air fryers to replace the unhealthy frying lifestyle that we have dived into. The company makes everything grand and produces products that are best for money overall. This hot air fryer is another example of the company’s successful productions.

The secure air fryer is a great purchase which can be proven by the number of features it has. We have mentioned just a few of them briefly for an idea.

  • Large in size

The machine is made to be large in size. It has the capacity of up to 4 liters with ease. It is very unlikely for another air fryer to beat the size of this especially with the price is offered alongside it.

  • Timer

The programming technology is analog but it has a 60 minutes timer that can be set according to your cooking preference. The machine shuts off automatically when the timer is completed.

There are lights to indicate the heating and the power of this air fryer which makes it pretty advanced for an analog appliance. The timer can be changed during the cooking process too.

  • Accessories

This air fryer comes with recipes and many different accessories to help you in cooking. A toaster rack is given with the product that makes it versatile; alongside skewers are also given for you to follow several different recipes altogether.

The regular baking tray is also a part of the accessories that you will find on this machine. A frying basket accompanies the whole package for a further versatile usage.

  • Warranty

Unlike many companies of air fryers, this company gives you a warranty on the appliance for two years which increases the trust and satisfaction of the customers.

  • Bottom line

The Secura air fryer comes with a number of accessories to let you cook a wide range of food in a single machine at a very affordable price. Even though it has an analog timer, it manages to make the best of it.


  • The machine gives a warranty for customer satisfaction
  • Many additional accessories
  • Lights to indicate heat and power
  • The capacity is up to 4 liters which makes it one of the largest


  • There are no preset settings to help in recipes
  • The machine does not ring when the food is done

BELLA TXG-DS14-14538 – Cooking Mom’s choice

BELLA TXG-DS14-14538

Bella is a company that is made especially to make better lifestyle choices. All the products are made with the latest technology to get more help around the house and a better lifestyle eventually. The air fryer is the perfect example as it diverts towards a much healthy eating choice and makes the process easy.

The Bella Air fryer is filled with features to help you make better lifestyle choices. A few of these features are discussed below in short details.

  • Adjustable temperature

The Bella air fryer is an analog machine which can adjust the temperature as per the users’ desire. The knob is easily twistable to adjust the temperature between 175 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Timer programming

This air fryer additionally has a timer attached to it. Unlike many analog air fryers, the Bella air fryer can set up to 60 minutes of time according to the requirement of the recipe or according to the users’ preference.

The timer automatically shuts off the machine when it is over allowing you to reduce the stress of checking the food again and again. The machine also has indicating lights which tell you about the status of the heat and power.

  • Cookware

The cookware of this air fryer can easily be removed so that you can wash it in the dishwasher with convenience. The cookware allows you to hold up food up to 2.2 lbs and has a capacity of 2.5 liters. The stainless steel quality allows users to enjoy chemical bound free food and easy maintenance of the machine.

  • Convection technology

The Bella air fryer uses convection type technology which does not allow the food to be cooked in oil, it allows you to directly put the frozen goods in the basket and enjoy the fats cooking time. The technology also ensures that the food is not soggy and is perfectly crispy in a short amount of time.

  • Bottom line

The Bella air fryer uses exceptional conventional technology which helps it take it up a notch. If you’re a mom and love cooking then this one air fryer is for you.


  • The convection technology takes the air fryer a step ahead and makes it better
  • The cookware is dishwasher safe and has a feasible capacity
  • Lights to indicate the heat and the power
  • The timer and temperature are adjustable with a knob


  • The settings cannot be changed for the cooking time
  • There are no intervals

Simple Chef Air Fryer – Best budget-friendly

Simple Chef Air Fryer

The simple chef Company excels at making kitchen appliances that makes it much more convenient for the modern woman to manage her career as well as make dinner for the whole family. The company produces products at a reasonable price and a high quality.

The Simple Chef Air fryer has many different qualities that make it a great purchase for people who want to make healthier choices in food and move to a better lifestyle. The following features are a few of them only.

  • Convenient space

Many air fryers are either too big or too small for cooking. The 3.5 qt. size allows users to simply enjoy the food for a regular number of people and in a fast service. The space along with the heated air element allows the food to be cooked perfectly with all the flavors well infused without a problem.

  • Temperature programming

Unlike many other air fryers, this one has the ability to control the temperature. The simple analog knob controller allows you to set the temperature according to the requirements of the recipes or according to your desire. You can set the temperature between 175 degrees and 400 degrees.

  • Timer settings

Just like the temperature, the timer can also be set to up to 30 minutes on an analog knob of the machine. You can simply turn the knob according to your recipe requirements or your personal preference. There are several intervals that you can choose from to restart the machine. On the end of the timer, the machine stops automatically after an alarm.

  • Cookware

The cookware is made to be free from BPA which means any food comes in contact with it is not contaminated. The cookware can be washed in a dishwasher after it cools down which makes it even more convenient to the cook.

  • Bottom line

With great options such as the ability to control the temperature and the timer, this air fryer becomes a great purchase for people who are looking for the cheapest air fryer.


  • You can adjust the temperature according to your preference
  • The timer can be adjusted according to the recipe along with intervals
  • The cookware is safe from BPA and compatible in a dishwasher
  • The capacity is ideal and loved


  • There is no option to feed in settings
  • You cannot change the settings of the cooking time


Many different air fryers have entered the market and hence the difficulty in choosing has driven us to compile the buying guide. After reading the guide, you may have had an idea of what a good air fryer has as features.

If you’re still confused then go with our Editor’s choice and entice your cooking experience.

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