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Top 5 Best Mini Refrigerators

Do you think mini fridges are only designed for people who are short on space in their homes? This is not true at all, there are many reasons why mini fridges exist, one of them being that you are preparing to move into a dorm room.

This compact appliance is an ideal way to keep your beverages cool and easily accessible without the traditionally sized fridge. Yes, you won’t get those automatic ice dispensers and vegetable crisper drawers in a mini fridge but it is not about luxury.

These mini appliances are all about necessity and ease of access. In simple words you won’t have to leave the room in the middle of the night, just to get a quick cold drink if you feel thirsty. These refrigerators can also serve as extra storage compartments.

We have developed a list of the best mini refrigerators with reviews for your convenience so that you can have an idea of what is best for you to buy.

But first, let’s begin with a comparison table for a quick assistance.

Best Mini Refrigerators Buying Guide

How many types of mini refrigerators are there?

There are different types of mini fridges available on the market. There is a cube refrigerator which is a very common one. It is inexpensive and recent models are also more energy efficient.

A midsized mini refrigerator is also similar to a cube fridge in size but comes with a large freezer compartment and numerous shelves. A counter-high compact fridge is as high as your counter and is very energy efficient which makes it more expensive too.

Then there is a drinks mini fridge that is only meant for snacks and drinks. There is also a travel mini fridge that is best suited for traveling purposes. Therefore, before buying the right type of mini fridge you need to know what purpose it will serve. You don’t want to end up paying for a refrigerator that you never wanted in the first place.

Should I choose an absorption powered unit or compressor powered one?

Many people don’t go into these details when they look for mini fridges but it does have plenty of importance. You have to place the absorption powered units in properly ventilated rooms to allow them to cool down frequently.

On the other hand, compressor powered units don’t need aerated rooms. They are also more energy efficient. When it comes to cooling, absorptions powered models work better as compared to compressor powered ones and for this reason, they are better suited for kitchens or dorm rooms.

Compressor models work well in bedrooms because they come with a sealed compressor and doesn’t require aeration.

Are glass shelves better than wire racks?

Glass shelves are better than wire wrecks because they are solid and are extremely beneficial for containing spills. Moreover, glass shelves are easier to clean and they provide better stability for storing small items. However, glass shelves are less durable if you don’t carefully use them. So it all depends on how you use the product.

Are thermoelectric mini fridges good for preserving food?

Thermoelectric or superconductor models are only acceptable if you want to store your beverages.  They are not capable to keep perishables items good for long periods of time. So if you are looking to preserve food in your mini fridge then you should avoid these two models at all costs. If you are looking to preserve food, especially meat, then don’t choose these because they will do more harm than good.

What if I need an attached freezer?

If you are looking to buy a fully functional freezer too then it would be better to stick with the regular sized refrigerator or you can also buy a standalone freezer.

Most single door refrigerators these days have small freezer boxes in them but most of them can’t maintain the appropriate freezing temperatures, especially if they are thermoelectric powered.

Moreover, these freezer boxes are too small to have any practical usability. Double door minis come with separate freezer and they preserve frozen food well. These models have a thermostat in them and therefore can handle temperatures well.

Top 5 Best Mini Refrigerators(Compare and Reviews)

Short Reviews Fridge Capacity Freezer Capacity No. of shelves Shelf material
Magic Chef 3.9 cubic feet 0.5 cubic feet 3 Glass
Frigidaire 3.1 cubic feet 1.4 cubic feet 2 Glass
Summit Appliance 4.6 cubic feet N/A 3 Glass
Danby 2.6 cubic feet N/A 3 Wire
Igloo 1.2 cubic feet 0.4 cubic feet 1 Wire

Magic Chef – Best Seller


  • Overview

The Magic Chef mini refrigerator comes with removable glass shelves that can be conveniently cleaned. It is also equipped with a can dispenser and a full-width freezer for your facilitation.

  • Features

Available in three different colors: black, silver-gray and white, the Magic Chef comes with a stainless steel look and is the best selling mini refrigerator because it offers great features and comes at a very affordable price. With your purchase, you will also get a year’s warranty on parts and labor as well as 5 years warranty on the compressor.

Whether you are looking for some extra storage or are college bound, Magic Chef comes with the storage options that you have always wanted. You can find a can dispenser area to keep your beverages cool all the time and there is some additional space in the door to add some more refreshments.

It is equipped with glass shelves that are easy to clean and provide you with maximum visibility. You will also find a full-width freezer in this mini for keeping ice and various other frozen treats.


  • Provides 3.9 cubic feet space for refrigeration and 0.5 cubic feet space for freezing.
  • Energy Star certified to exceed the federal guidelines for the efficiency of energy.
  • Comes with upfront analog controls for quick temperature adjustments.
  • Three fresh food shelves and a crisper.
  • Its indoor dispenser can hold and chill 12-ounce cans.


  • The surface has a tendency to scratch easily.
  • The compressor might stop working properly after some time.
  • Why is it best for you?

It is the best mini refrigerator that you can buy because it not only gives you the option of extra storage compartments but it also keeps your items well organized and contained.

Frigidaire – Best for the money


  • Overview

Frigidaire mini refrigerator also comes with a full-width freezer on the top to provide you with maximum flexibility. It is equipped with adjustable glass shelves to accommodate taller items and a reversible door swing that you can adjust on either side for convenience.

  • Features

This compact top mount refrigerator is best for small spaces and you can configure the adjustable shelves to keep all the items well organized. The fridge also comes with a crisper drawer for storing fruits and vegetables. The Energy Star certified mini refrigerator is energy efficient and meets all federal requirements.

Its reversible door swing adjustment is a special feature and you can fix the door on either side of the fridge to open it either right or left. This feature is very handy when the location of the fridge needs careful assessments. The door storage has full-length door rack along with a half-width door rack and a couple of dispensers for extra flexibility.

It is also equipped with a bright lighting system on the inside to enable you to see and place your items easily. This fridge is expensive as compared to the previous items on this list, however, it does offer more space.


  • Equipped with single knob controls on the inside which makes it easy to select appropriate temperatures for the items.
  • Energy Star certified for energy efficiency.
  • Temperatures of fridge and freezer can be altered separately.
  • Adjustable glass shelves can be configured according to the requirements.
  • Crisper drawer is also available for storage of fruits and vegetables.
  • 1 cubic feet storage for fridge and 1.4 cubic feet storage space is for the freezer.


  • Slightly expensive as compared to the previous option on this list.
  • Its door doesn’t open very smoothly.
  • The door doesn’t come with any shelves.
  • Why is it best for you?

If you are looking for a refrigerator at an economical price and need rock-solid ice creams then this option is best for you because it can handle temperatures well.

Summit Appliance – Best High-end Choice


  • Overview

If you are looking for a high-end mini fridge then look no further. Summit Appliances’ mini refrigerator will do the trick for you. This 24-inch wide all-refrigerator can stand alone or fixed anywhere you want. It also comes with a reversible door and a black cabinet.

  • Features

The freestanding all-refrigerator can be used both indoor and outdoor. It comes with a factory installed lock system for security. The mini frost-free is equipped with an internal fan to keep the temperature steady.

There is an LED indicator to indicate energy efficient glow. With help of its thermostat, you can make adjustments to the temperature with just a push of a button.

It has adjustable glass shelves that help make the fridge organized. Its floor is slotted to keep bottles in place. With the frost-free operation, you don’t have to do much to maintain it. Its exteriors are designed to handle all types of weather which makes it an ideal option for outdoor use.

The door swing is reversible and you can fix it on either side for added flexibility. The glass shelves are very easy to clean and are spill proof. The stainless steel look with an elegant door handle keeps the appearance refreshing and can blend with the interiors of your room.


  • Comes with a digital thermostat that is located at the top panel to easily control the temperatures.
  • A fan-forced cooling system to keep the temperatures steady at all times with evenly distributed cooling throughout the compartment.
  • Has slotted floors and spill-proof glass shelves to contain and prevent any spills.
  • Has a front-breathing design which allows you to install it in counters.
  • Weatherproof design and construction for outdoor usage.


  • Slightly noisy and not the best option for bedrooms.
  • No hardware mounting options.
  • Why is it best for you?

If you are looking for a mini refrigerator that is a hallmark of quality then you should buy Summit Appliance mini refrigerator.

Danby – Most popular


  • Overview

Danby mini refrigerator is among the most popular compact fridges that you will find on the market. For a very long time, Danby has maintained its customer base and this fridge continues to sell. This freezerless mini maximizes storage space for refrigeration and it comes with 18 months limited warranty too.

  • Features

It is an extremely affordable option that provides you with an excellent amount of space. It is not a big-sized refrigerator and that is the second reason why it is very popular.

Furthermore, it can fit into almost any space on the floor or counter and is perfect for cramped rooms like kitchen bars and dorm rooms.

It features a scratch resistant worktop where you can place cups, glasses, and dishes on it. It also features an integrated handle and a reversible door along with CanStor beverage dispenser. The height of the shelves is adjustable for plenty of storage.

Moreover, it features a mechanical thermostat with which you can maintain the temperatures as per your preferences. The mini refrigerator is Energy Star qualified and it meets all the federal requirements and guidelines for this type of product.


  • Comes with 2.6 cubic feet storage space for compact refrigeration.
  • Certified by Energy Star for energy efficiency and your estimated electricity cost per year will be $30.
  • Mechanical thermostat for temperature adjustments.
  • Can automatically defrost and doesn’t need much maintenance.
  • Features reversible door swings and a scratch resistant worktop to place dishes and glass over it.


  • At 2.6 cubic feet, the storage compartment might be a bit too small for some people.
  • No freezer compartment.
  • Why is it best for you?

If space is not your main preference then Danby is going to be the right choice for you. It has a very small energy footprint and you can use its worktop to place your dishes and glasses on.

Igloo – Best overall rating


  • Overview

Igloo comes with the best overall rating because it has a small energy footprint just like the previous item on our list and a powerful refrigeration system to back it up. People who don’t want to spend much and also have limited space in their room will like this appliance.

  • Features

This mini refrigerator is ‘compact’ in every sense of the word. It has 1.6 cubic feet space that is designed to store items with different sizes. Despite the small size, it features a freezer chamber so you can place an ice cube tray or frozen food in.

Powered by an energy efficient compressor, Igloo is also affordable.  There is a room for one tall bottle too and the slide out shelf keeps all the items well-organized.

The mini fridge also comes with a reversible door design that enables you to place it in cramped spaces as well. It has a very sleek and stylish steel finishing and an almost invisible door handle to blend in with the décor. It also features adjustable leveling legs for convenient positioning.


  • Equipped with an adjustable thermostat for easy temperature regulation.
  • Flat back design to save space.
  • The 1.6 cubic feet space has a room for ice in the freezing compartment.
  • Features reversible door and a sleek handle.
  • Low energy consumption and is budget friendly.


  • People who are looking for more cubic feet space won’t like this fridge.
  • Slightly noisier as compared to other entries on this list.
  • Why is it best for you?

It is one of the best buying options if you are looking to save space. It provides good storage space if you can manage it appropriately.

Main Features to look for when buying Mini-refrigerator

There is no rocket science involved in buying a mini fridge that best suits your needs. However, you do need to be cautious when purchasing one because there are numerous brands out there that are selling these lesser quality products.

First of all, you need to know what your basic needs are that you want to be fulfilled in your mini-fridge. Do you need one to keep your beverages cool and accessible in your bedroom or just want some additional storage for your food in the kitchen? No matter what your requirements are, just look for an item that does the basics right.


Due to the fact that you are looking to buy the best mini refrigerator, have a close look at the dimensions. You don’t want a fridge that exceeds the size limits otherwise, the word “compact” will become meaningless.

Try to buy the biggest mini fridge that will fit well into your available space because insulation is limited in these designs and they need more electricity to maintain sufficient cooling.

Additional features aren’t always good in mini fridges

Don’t go for any extra or unwanted features or you will end up losing space. From vegetable crispers to automatic ice-making capabilities and defrost functions, they are all extras that come with regular refrigerators.

They do sound cool but they also cause breakdowns. Go for simplicity when you are purchasing a mini refrigerator. It won’t guarantee longevity but will increase efficiency because the primary feature is to keep the drinks cold and preserve food.

Noise level and adjustable shelves

Noise level matters a lot based on the location where you want to place your mini fridge. The refrigerators that are placed in bedrooms or guest rooms must be silent so that no one gets disturbed during the time when you are trying to enjoy a sound sleep or spending time with your guests.

Similarly, adjustable shelves will work wonders because they will enable you to have the maximum benefit of the space available. Buying a model with permanent shelves might not work out well for you.

Single door vs. double door

Double door mini fridges will enable you to keep the freezer compartment separate from the fridge. It means that you will have a separate space for different temperatures. Having one compartment will give you more space but you will have to share the temperature and it could cause the whole fridge to freeze.


Now you know all the information that you will need to buy the best mini refrigerator. Please keep in mind when you are buying mini appliances don’t look for bells and whistles. These mini refrigerators are not luxury items, they are necessities and you should keep it that way.

You can reach out to us with any suggestions or questions by commenting below.

Happy shopping!

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