How To Clean A Microwave?

How To Clean A Microwave?

Have an untidy microwave? Do you want to clean it in no time?

You can clean it without utilizing cruel chemicals if you believe that it is unhealthy as we warm our food in it. Yet this is likewise undoubtedly the most straightforward approach to clean a microwave. Even though a large portion of the general population utilizes it to warm and defrost the frozen or cold food, however, that makes it a wreck. Vegetable pieces, splattered nourishment, cheddar stains diminish the working effectiveness of microwave and make it unhygienic also. Along these lines, a regular cleaning of a microwave is basic.

The methods examined underneath are anything but difficult to do and help keep up a sterile and clean it. Use them and don’t fear to warm up the sauciest and cheesiest suppers.

Cleaning with vinegar

Warming the vinegar and water steams the greater part of the food spread off as the acidic nature of the vinegar disinfects and freshens up your microwave.

You’ve known about steam cleaning a before but this procedure is vinegar based steam cleaning for your microwave. Also, it’s so viable, you may simply wind up cleaning your device more regularly.

Follow the instructions below to clean your machine using vinegar.

  • You will need a microwave safe bowl and fill it half with water.
  • Add one tablespoon of white vinegar in it and place it in the microwave.
  • Switch on the device for five minutes. The whole dried gunk on the mass of microwave will relax with the steam.
  • Wipe down every one of the sides of your microwave oven. Take out the turning plate and wash it with water.
  • You are finished with the cleaning procedure
  • Note: The bowl of vinegar and water will be amazingly hot after warming. In this way, it is recommended to wear gloves.

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Cleaning with lemon

When you’ve been abstaining from cleaning your microwave then this easy lemon tip will fulfill you extremely. Just squeeze some lemon juice into a cup of water then drop the skins into the water and microwave it. As the fluid bubbles, it will gather on the inside walls of your machine. This will release gunk and dissolve food splatters.

For detailed instructions, read the steps below.

  • Measure around 1/3 cup of water into bowl or mug
  • Then slice lemon down and add the juice into the water along with the lemon peel
  • Put the bowl in the microwave and heat for about 3-5 minutes so the fluid reaches boiling point
  • Avoid opening the door right away. Just let the steam rest inside as it will help release the gunk.
  • Wait for about five minutes
  • Now you can clean the device. Wash the bowl with the lemon and water solution and wipe your microwave clean. Clean the roof as well as the sides thoroughly.
  • Nicely scrub away the stubborn spots and plunge them into the side of your dishtowel in the lemon-water. Clean until the point that the spot leaves away.
  • While you’re wiping, keep in mind to wipe down the door as well.
  • If you took it out then set the turntable back in its place and that’s it! You have a nice and clean it now.

Cleaning with dish soap

Rinse or wash a sponge and wipe the microwave with it. The steam will extricate the greater part of the dried on flotsam and jetsam so you can without much of a stretch clean your microwave.

This is how you can properly clean a microwave with dish soap.

  • Add water to a microwave safe bowl.
  • Now add dishwashing liquid soap to the water.
  • Place the bowl containing the warm water and liquid cleaner in the machine and turn it on for a moment.
  • Hold on until the point that the water begins steaming.
  • Take the bowl out and clean the microwave utilizing a sponge or wipe.
  • With the help of this method try cleaning your machine two times each month.

Cleaning with baking soda

A messy cooking device is by and large out of the picture. However, a lot of people simply forget to clean it. That is until the point when they have to warm something up and it just isn’t okay anymore. It doesn’t take a second for the food to splatter and adhere to the insides of a microwave.

But don’t worry now, cleaning up this machine is a snap with these straightforward tips. On the off chance that you have a microwave that is covered with splashed popcorn spread or sauce then you can murder the filthy scent and release up the gunk with a bowl loaded with baking soda.


Simply add two tablespoons of baking soda in a microwave-safe bowl and include some water in it. At that point put the bowl in the microwave for 3-5 minutes and bring the solution to a boil.  Baking soda has amazing benefits. It will get rid of the crazy odor and the water will begin to steam and clean the spots and stains. Just give it a decent wipe down after a while and your microwave will be as good as new.

Cleaning with a sponge

One of the simplest and quickest strategies for cleaning your microwave is to put a modest bunch of drenching wet paper towels inside the machine and run it on high power for up to 3-5 minutes. Steam from the paper towels will mellow and extricate hardened grime and stuck food splatter. Once the towels are cooled down throw them away.

Now follow the steps below:

  • Add some type of cleaner to the warm water and make a soapy solution
  • Take out the turn plate and clean the base of the microwave
  • Utilize this cleaning solution and wipe the microwave with a sponge
  • Scrub the stains and pots with the sponge
  • Then clean and wipe it with a clean cloth
  • Also, clean the handles and the door of the machine with the sponge
  • Now let it completely dry off before you shut the door

Cleaning with steam bath

With the greater part of the sustenance we warm in our microwave, it’s nothing unexpected that it can start to notice somewhat offbeat.

Here’s a keen and basic approach to clean your machine quickly.

  • Put a glass bowl half filled with water into the microwave.
  • Turn the broiler on.
  • Let the steam weaken the extreme and dried gunk.
  • After a few minutes remove the bowl and clean the inside of the microwave with any delicate cloth.

Cleaning with commercial cleaning products

Well, you do not always need to utilize ‘homemade’ remedies all the time. In the event that you don’t have any time on hand or it is just a lot of exertion then there is an abundance of commercial home appliances and kitchen cleaners accessible in the market that are splendidly OK to use on microwave machines.

But be careful that most of the commercial cleaners will deliver solid and frequently obnoxious vapor that may wait inside and meddle with the quality of your just heated the food items. When you are utilizing a shop purchased cleaning product it might be best to pick a smoke free one and play it safe. Wait a couple of hours before heating your food in a freshly cleaned microwave.

Extra Tips and tricks

When your microwave is unpleasantly untidy, to begin with, you simply need to spruce up then you can just take a cleaning cloth by blending liquid detergent and lukewarm water together in a bowl. Soak a cloth and utilize it to wipe down the appliance for a brisk cleanup.

When you feel that there is an odor coming off from your microwave, use lemon as a freshener in your microwave. Fill a container with lemon and water and keep it in this appliance when you are not utilizing it. This will keep it looking and smelling fresh constantly!

Some additional tips and tricks are mentioned as follows.

  • Wipe it afterward every time you use it
  • Leave it open for no less than 10 minutes after using it for preheating or defrosting frozen items
  • Clean it no less than thrice every month
  • Use dish covers while microwaving liquid food items like soups, sauces etc.
  • Always unplug the device before cleaning to stay away from any electrical shocks
  • White vinegar, lemon or window cleaners can be utilized on the alternate basis
  • Do not utilize a fixed holder as it might burst under pressure.


It is quite simple, the more you utilize your device the more it needs to be cleaned regularly. The stubborn food stains and dirt on the inside of the machinery are unhygienic and if left undealt with, will leave a repulsive effect on our health. Therefore, keep your machine clean and crisp with routine cleaning practices.

Cleaning a dirty microwave is a hard and time-consuming task but with the above-mentioned ways, you can do it quickly and without much of a stress. So, put on your kitchen gloves and wipe your machine because now you will not need to spend hours and too much effort scrubbing off those stains. Use any of the methods discussed above that suit you best.

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