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Top 5 Best French Door Refrigerators

If you are looking to upgrade your refrigerator to a newer model then you are not alone, many people are searching for French door refrigerator. In 2016, these refrigerators make up 29% of sales, second to those inexpensive freezer-top designs.

All other designs are shrinking in the market because French door refrigerators not only look great but also provide you with plenty of conveniences. Now manufacturers are adding more and more features to these designs to cater to the demands of consumers.

There is a huge variety of French door refrigerators out there and choosing the right option can be a bit of a headache. Therefore, we have developed a list of best French door refrigerators for you. We will review each of these models so that you will make an informed buying decision.

Let’s begin with a short comparison table and then we’ll discuss some of the important points you need to consider before making a purchase and after that, we will present you with our best French door refrigerators reviews.

French Door Refrigerators Buying Guide

What is a French door refrigerator?

By definition, a French door refrigerator has side-by-side doors instead of a top refrigerator compartment along with a bottom compartment for the freezer. This style is more convenient as compared to side by side refrigerator due to the fact that you will be at eye level with most of the shelves and drawers. This style is gaining plenty of popularity in recent times due to its convenience and elegant look.

What size and capacity should I consider for my French door fridge?

First of all, you will have to measure the dimensions of your space where you want to place your refrigerator. Most French door fridges are designed to fit sizes that range from 32-inch to 38-inch in width and 68-inch to 72-inch in height.

Therefore, this is the minimal space you will need to have your fridge. In addition, you need to have an extra one inch on both sides and in the back for proper air circulation. If you are placing your fridge next to a sidewall then you must have enough space for full door swing.

What are the latest features that are available in a French door fridge?

French door fridges are models that come with more features as compared to others. Refrigerators have come a long way and manufacturers introduce new features in every latest model they come up with due to consumer demand.

Many of modern day fridges come with adjustable shelves and spill-proof floors for easy cleaning. Recent models are squeezing in more storage space for extra convenience. There are now coffee makers and wine racks available in the doors of some models.

Now, you can also maintain separate temperatures in each compartment depending on the food it contains. Some of the models are also capable to defrost or thaw your food in no time.

Are temperature and freshness control features important to consider?

These features can enable you to prolong the shelf life of the food you place in your compartment. High and low humidity settings can also improve the shelf life of vegetables and fruits.

Colder temperatures are best suited for storing meat and keeping it fresh for a long time. So, yes, these features are important but they are not necessary. However, most French door fridges are now coming with these features as standard.

Will Bells and whistles cost me more?

Usually, the French door models are more expensive because they come with those awe-inspiring features. If you can’t imagine your life without an indoor coffee maker or a built-in wine rack then these features will ask for more of your money.

You can also find through-the-door water and ice dispenser, a door-in-door extra storage compartment, dual evaporating freshness features, temperature controls for separate compartments, and top quality drawers and shelves.

Are French door refrigerators energy efficient?

With the passage of time, manufacturers are looking to create designs that are more energy efficient because consumers are reluctant to buy models that consume a lot of power. The latest models of French door fridges are more efficient as compared to the older models.

Check for the Energy Guide labels of your favorite French door refrigerator because manufacturers now provide their consumers with certified products.

Top 5 Best French Door refrigerators(Compare and Reviews)

Short Reviews Bins and shelves Doors Certifications Energy efficiency rating
KitchenAid 3 & 5 5 1-UL Listed, AHAM certified Not CEE rated
Samsung 1 & 5 3 1-UL Listed Tier 1
GE 2 & 4 3 EnergyStar Not CEE rated
LG Electronics 2 & 4 3 1-UL Listed, NSF Listed Not CEE rated
Whirlpool 2 & 5 4 1-UL Listed Tier 1

KitchenAid – Bestseller

  • Overview

The 25.8 cubic feet French door refrigerator from KitchenAid comes in a stainless steel design that looks very elegant and blends well with the décor. It features a 5-door configuration so that all of your food is easily accessible at all times.


  • Features

This model is equipped with PreServa Food Care System that features two different cooling systems. In addition to that, the herb storage enables you to keep your herbs fresh all the time when you place them in their own separate compartment.

There are two soft-close drawers for optimized storage along with a convenient under the shelf storage pan that saves space and turns into a countertop in the refrigerator. You will also get an external water and ice dispenser in the door if you like that feature.

On the top of the dispenser, there are all the controls where you can access Sabbath mode, measured fill, door alarm and max cool. Moreover, SatinGlide adds a smooth experience to your crisper drawers with their rollers.

These features make it one of the best refrigerators in the French door category. It also features a 3-tier freezer drawer with a storage divider to organize all the food at three different levels.


  • The interior of the fridge is illuminated with LED lights that use less energy as compared to incandescent bulbs.
  • The 5-door configuration fridge features two soft close pantry drawers, two fresh food doors, and a bottom mount freezer drawer.
  • A separate storage compartment for herbs keeps them fresh and ready to use all the time.
  • The fridge features PreServa food care system that has two independent cooling systems.
  • Ice and water dispensers allow more interior room with its in-door construction.


  • Tends to develop moisture inside if temperatures are shifted frequently.
  • The ice and water dispenser is very delicate.
  • Why is this refrigerator best for you?

This is the best French door refrigerator for you because it offers plenty of storage. There is a separate compartment for all types of foods and you can also set different temperatures for each compartment.

Samsung – Best For the Money

  • Overview

This French door refrigerator from Samsung has a storage capacity of 25.5 cubic feet and it has a classy stainless steel finish. It features CoolSelect Pantry that enables it to control temperatures along with high efficiency LED lights to quickly spot what you need.


  • Features

Available in four different colors, the Samsung has a very sleek looking design that goes well with any type of kitchen décor. It has enough room to fit in 26 bags of groceries with ease.

The refrigerator is equipped with Twin Cooling Plus technology that uses independent cooling systems for both the fridge and freezer. It maintains a high humidity in the refrigerator to keep foods fresh while maintaining dry and cool conditions in the freezer for frozen foods.

In addition to that, you can also chill or defrost food in the CoolSelect Pantry in complete isolation. The fridge also features a filtered ice maker in the freezer. It is certified under Energy Star and meets federal energy efficiency specifications.

You can also utilize the power cool and power freeze options along with dual humidity controlled crispers. There is more shelf space with the gallon door bins within the refrigerator and an easy open handle enable you to conveniently open a full freezer drawer.


  • With help of CoolSelect Pantry, you can optimize temperature controls for different types of food.
  • Double humidity controlled crispers drawers keep your vegetables and fruits accessible and organized at all times.
  • Features spill-proof shelves made of tempered glass.
  • Gallon door bins provide more storage space on the shelves.
  • Equipped with a door alarm if the fridge/freezer is left open.
  • Its water filter indicator alerts you when to replace the filter.


  • Can be noisy after a passage of time.
  • There are some drainage issues that appear with time.
  • Why is this refrigerator best for you?

This French door refrigerator is best for you because it is not only economical as compared to the previous entry on this list but it also offers the same amount of storage with other special features too.

GE – Best High-End Choice

  • Overview

The 24.8 cubic feet French door from General Electric is equipped with LED lights that highlight food in the fridge and freezer compartments. Moreover, the quick space shelf also slides out and enables you to place tall items in with ease. It also has an ice maker for efficient ice production.


  • Features

The stainless steel design comes in four different colors and offers an array of features including the FrostGuard defrost technology as well as GE’s patented Pure and Clean filtration system. Moreover, you can also enjoy the factory-installed ice maker that eradicates the need of filling ice trays.

Internal controls have their own temperature displays and you don’t have to do the guesswork for temperature settings. The QuickSpace shelf operates as a normal full-size shelf whenever you need and it instantly slides down for extra room.

There are a couple of freezer baskets that organize the frozen foods too. Moreover, you will also find two humidity-controlled drawers along with a full-width drawer for temperature adjustments. You can also get filtered water with one touch through the dispenser.


  • The fridge is equipped with the GE advanced filtration system.
  • With a factory-installed ice maker, you won’t need to fill ice trays anymore.
  • The fridge has internal controls with a real-time temperature display.
  • There are two freezer bins to keep your frozen foods organized.
  • LED lights are placed throughout the interior
  • The fridge has two humidity-controlled drawers along with a full-width adjustable-temperature drawer.


  • The inside water dispenser is a bit difficult to use.
  • The shelf arrangement is not designed to hold tall
  • Why is this fridge best for you?

If you are looking to buy a fridge that brings high value to your kitchen then you should choose the GE because it enables you to maintain different temperatures for different food requirements, keeping everything fresh all the time.

LG Electronics – Most Popular

  • Overview

The French door fridge from LG has a capacity of 24.1 cubic feet and it comes with a Slim SpacePlus ice door system to free-up shelf space. The linear compressor comes with a 10-year limited warranty and the Smart Cooling System is made to keep your food fresh whenever you need it.


  • Features

The refrigerator provides you with over 24 cubic feet of storage space where you can keep all your food items well preserved for a long time. The refrigerator has a Smart Cooling System which means that your food will stay fresh and you don’t need to sacrifice any space either.

The sleekly designed fridge has hidden hinges which makes it even easier to get food in and out quickly. It meets the minimum federal standards for energy efficiency. The dispenser is extra tall and it measures approximately 12.5 inches so that you can fit in all your containers.

The water filter is NSF certified so that you can get your water and ice removed from any impurities. The fridge also features four spill protected shelves made of tempered glass for high visibility as well as adjustability.


  • It comes with an extra tall water and ice dispenser.
  • The Slim SpacePlus ice system allows for extra space.
  • Its Smart Cooling technology keeps optimal temperatures and humidity for all kinds of foods.
  • There are four spill proof shelves made of tempered glass.
  • It also features versatile crisper drawers for easy access.
  • There is a pull-out freezer compartment for storage of frozen foods.
  • Has a sophisticated look and elegant design with contoured doors to fit in any décor.


  • Not a very durable French door refrigerator.
  • Has less user-friendly features.
  • Why is this refrigerator best for you?

If you’re looking for a sleek design refrigerator with loads of features that fit into your kitchen then you should opt for this French door refrigerator.

Whirlpool – Best overall Rating

  • Overview

Whirlpool’s 25 cubic feet French door refrigerator keeps all your food items easily accessible with help of its exterior drawer and you can also get filtered ice and water with its dispenser. This refrigerator exceeds all the federal standards for energy efficiency.


  • Features

If you like to shop in bulk and always fall short of space in your fridge, then you should buy the Whirlpool French door refrigerator. It will provide you with the extra storage that you need so desperately to keep all your groceries fresh. Moreover, it also comes with a water dispenser so you never run out of the filtered water.

You can place your frequently used items in the exterior drawer and access it anytime you want without opening the door. The tap touch controls of this refrigerator are very easy to clean and very user-friendly.

The refrigerator is certified under Energy Star for energy efficiency and it will save a lot of money. The Accu-Chill temperature management system of this fridge cools food quickly and it also adapts automatically to create the ideal environment for the stored items.


  • Has a simplified cleanup feature with its spill-proof shelves made of glass.
  • Crisper drawers are humidity-controlled to create an ideal environment for your vegetables and fruits.
  • EveryDrop water filtration system is there to provide you with filtered and fresh water and ice.
  • Door bins are fully adjustable and are gallon-sized.
  • Comes with LED interior lights so that you can spot your food items quickly.
  • Keep your frequently used items in the exterior drawer.
  • Accu-Chill temperature management system quickly cools food down and it adapts to create the perfect environment for the stored items.


  • Ice cubes come out crushed most of the time.
  • Slightly noisier as compared to other products on our list.
  • Why is this fridge best for you?

If you do bulk shopping and are afraid of running out of storage space then you should buy this fridge. The exterior drawer feature really sets this fridge apart from others.

Main Features of the French door refrigerator

We have developed this short buying guide to assist you with your buying decisions so you won’t regret anything.

The size you want

The size of your French door refrigerator is the first thing you will look at before you choose one. There are different configurations available in different capacities and sizes. Don’t forget to take the measurements of the location where you want to place your fridge.

Make sure that the item easily fits through the doorways and there must be appropriate room for the doors to open as well. Also, ensure that there is a one-inch clearance on both sides and the back for proper airflow. Anything in the range of 22 to 33 cubic feet will do great for families.

Energy efficiency labels

In recent times, energy efficiency has become one of the most crucial selling points among the consumers. The latest designs are more energy efficient as compared to the older ones. Still, you have to assess how much your favorite French door refrigerator costs.

The Energy Star rating is best to look at when shopping. The rating means that the product lies within the top 25% of the market but it does vary from one model to another. For instance, an unrated top freezer might be more energy efficient as compared to an Energy Star certified French door model. If you are comparing apples to apples then don’t forget to have a look at the energy guide labels.

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