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Top 5 Best Top Freezer Refrigerator 2020

The top freezer refrigerator is the design from the past, but it is still going strong especially if someone is looking to save a few bucks. Innovation has crept its way into these old-fashioned models too. Improved internal storage organization has become a common feature of this familiar design. It will do the job efficiently when it comes to storing and keeping your food fresh for an extended period. These models are also very energy efficient.

You will get all the information you need to buy the best top freezer refrigerator for your kitchen. We will provide you with specific features of the device to assist you in finding the suitable fridge.

 Best Top Freezer Refrigerator Buying Guide

What is a top freezer refrigerator?

A top freezer fridge is precisely what the words say. It’s a fridge designed with freezer compartment situated at the top. Many people are familiar with it because this is the design many of us had at home as children. You might remember reaching the freezer for your favorite ice cream, was a daunting task.

Has this old-fashioned design got any modern detailing?

On the outside, it still seems very similar to the design that we use to know for a long time, but when you open the doors, you might be surprised to see the modern amenities.

Now, these fridges come with adjustable glass shelves as oppose to the conventional wires. The door shelves are deeper and modular. Expensive models also come with ice makers too. These designs also come in a huge variety of colors, and most of these designs are energy efficient too.

Does this design still offer any value?

The top freezer fridge design still provides you with the most bang for your buck. You can get plenty of unobservable storage space, and now these also come with extra features such as ice and beverage dispensers.

You can find some of the slimmest models available on the market in this design, and they are the most energy efficient too as compared to the French door and side-by-side fridges. Most importantly the top freezer design is the most economical as well.

There are so many features, which of them should I consider?

These days, refrigerators come with all bells and whistles and choosing the right one becomes very difficult. You can easily bring home a fridge that has features that you don’t need at all, and you end up paying loads of money too.

Therefore, when buying your favorite fridge, you must look for ample of storage space and flexibility so that you can adjust as per your needs. Humidity controlled compartments are also nice to have if you want to place different kinds of food.

Make sure that you bring a fridge that has proper LED lighting system so that you can conveniently spot your food. Door alarms are also nice to have, alerting you when you forget to close the door.

What type of finishing should I opt for my fridge?

Stainless steel fridges have a very sleek look, and it adds to your kitchen décor however, this type of finishing is prone to fingerprints too. Therefore, look for fingerprint resistant or matte finishing.  White colored fridges are very easy to clean and are slightly cheaper too.

Retro styled bright colors are also available, but you must keep in mind that it is a long-term investment and your fridge will see many trends come and go.

You can also go for the good old black color with matte finishing too but this color may seem a bit imposing and might make your kitchen look dark so, the choice is all up to you.

5 Best Top Freezer Refrigerators(Compare and Reviews)

Products Freezer Capacity Freezer Shelves Food Capacity Fresh Food Shelves
Frigidaire 3.90 cubic feet 1 14.10 cubic feet 2
GE 4.01 cubic feet 1 11.55 cubic feet 3
Whirlpool 2.94 cubic feet 1 7.74 cubic feet 3
Maytag 5.09 cubic feet 1 13.06 cubic feet 3
Hotpoint 4.01 cubic feet 1 10.60 cubic feet 3

Frigidaire – Best Seller


  • Overview

The 18 cubic feet bestseller from Frigidaire keeps all your produce fresh with its humidity-controlled crisper drawers, and the door storage provides you with extra room placing large items.

  • Features

The full-width wire freezer compartment assists you in staying organized all the time with your frozen foods. This economical top-freezer fridge has three full-width wire shelves along with crisper drawers for keeping your vegetables and fruits fresh for a long time.

The interior of the fridge is equipped with the bright lighting system to spot what you are looking for in all compartments quickly. Its freezer also has a half-width shelf for extra storage along with a couple of full-width door racks. Plenty of storage space that comes at an excellent price makes in one of the best top freezer refrigerators.

You also get the optional icemaker and don’t have to fill trays with ice. The fridge comes with a single knob control on the inside to make easy adjustments to the temperatures. Moreover, there is a dairy compartment to keep your cheeses and butter apart from other food items.

The best part of the bargain is you get plenty of storage space and humidity controlled crisper drawer.


  • Its optional icemaker eradicates the need of filling ice trays.
  • A couple of full-width wire shelves that slide out and keep you organized with your food.
  • The internal single knob control temperature management easy.
  • Its humidity-controlled crisper drawer is made to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh all the time.
  • The door storage of the fridge has three full-width racks and enables you to place taller items.


  • It makes tapping noises and runs loud.
  • Wire shelves are slightly difficult to clean.

GE refrigerator – Best for the money


  • Overview

GE products need no introduction, and similar is the case with this refrigerator. It comes with a high gloss handle with a beautiful appearance without any fingerprint issues. It is equipped with upfront controls to regulate temperatures and also features humidity controlled drawers.

  • Features

The 15.5 cubic feet fridge from GE has temperature controls on the front. These temperature regulators are stress- free for both fridge and freezer compartments. It also features adjustable shelves that provide flexibility to cater your storage needs.

GE provides its customers with state of the art technology and outstanding quality to ease the way they live. The timeless appearance of this fridge is ideal for your small family.

It boasts an IM4D icemaker which eliminates the need for filling ice tray separately. The fridge features adjustable Z wire shelves that can hold all types of food items in their packaging as well as oddly shaped fresh foods.

There are a couple of adjustable humidity drawers too to keep your items fresh all the time. The door is equipped with gallon bin for you to store larger items with easy accommodation. The wire shelf of freezer adds to storage for frozen foods.

It looks very elegant and stores plenty of food in both fridge and freezer compartments. Above all, it comes at a very affordable price.


  • It has single-level incandescent lighting system for the interiors and provides plenty of light in the fresh food compartments.
  • The fridge comes with a limited 1-year warranty on the entire product.
  • It is equipped with IM4D icemaker, so you never run out of ice.
  • It comes at a very decent price and has ample amount of storage.


  • The freezer door drips condensation after a while.
  • Temperature controls stop working if changes frequently.

Whirlpool refrigerator – Best High End Choice


  • Overview

Whirlpool 10.7 cubic feet fridge has a clear crisper drawer of full length along with glass shelves to keep all your food in sight. It also features easy to use straight temperature controls, and a 24ECKMF icemaker is also available separately.

  • Features

 The 24-inch top freezer from Whirlpool can fit in wherever you want, and it makes storage space very easy and simple too. You can store all your vegetables and fruits in its spacious crisper equipped with the humidity controlled environment.

The fridge also features an adjustable gallon door bin which proves to be an ideal way out for large containers. Moreover, it frees up internal shelf space. The full width and adjustable glass shelves make it plain and simple to customize your storage as per your requirements.

You can also opt for an optional icemaker and forget about filling ice trays. The straight temperature controls make maintaining coolness in the compartments very easy with just a button push.

The Spillmizer glass shelves also assist in containing all the spills and leaks and make cleaning very convenient.  The crisper drawer is clear, and it enables you to store a variety of vegetables and fruits with ease.  These features make it one of the best top freezer refrigerators that you can find in this price range.

Cleaning and maintenance of this fridge is a breeze, and you don’t have to put in much effort to make it look tidy.


  • The on-door storage of the fridge is best for frequently used food items.
  • The fridge is equipped with 7.74 cubic feet fresh food compartment and 2.94 cubic feet freezer compartment for ample of storage.
  • The door shelves of the freezer and half-width wire freezer compartment allow you to keep your food items well organized.
  • The narrow width of this fridge makes it a good fit for small kitchens.
  • It also features built-in cup handles for a modern and streamlined look.


  • The incandescent light system is not as good as LEDs.
  • It is a slightly loud unit as compared to most entries on our list.

Maytag refrigerator – Most Popular


  • Overview

The 30 inch, 18 cubic feet Maytag top freezer fridge boasts PowerCold feature that gets everything nice and cold very quickly. It also comes with BrightSeries LED lighting systems to get that white light on food and keep everything crystal clear.

  • Features

The crispers mounted on the bottom come with humidity controls, and they glide very smoothly too. Available in four different colors, the Maytag fridge is built to hold the coolness as it quickly chills down the refrigerator compartment which just a click of the button. Opening and closing the door frequently doesn’t matter much either.

You can also separately buy the ECKMF95 icemaker if you want and it can be installed very conveniently. The upfront electronic temperature controls enable you to make adjustments too. It also features an adjustable full-width glass shelf that is spill proof and eases up the cleaning process.

The bottom mounted crispers can carry the weight from the bottom and not from the top to glide very smoothly. The door bins are extra deep, and they can store gallon-sized large items ensuring additional door storage for your convenience.

The PowerCold feature works great to chill down everything plus the fridge itself looks great making it blend into any kitchen décor.


  • The shelves of the freezer door and full-width glass keep various frozen food items.
  • The fridge’s fresh food compartment and the freezer compartment are equipped with a LED light.
  • It comes with 5.09 cubic feet freezer compartment and 13.06 cubic feet fresh food compartment.
  • The PowerCold feature quickly chills down everything when you bring in your groceries from store to home.
  • The fridge comes with a 10-year limited warranty for its parts and components as well as the compressor.


  • The compartments at times constantly remain above the set temperatures.
  • Adjustments are slightly confusing.

Hotpoint refrigerator – Best overall rating


  • Overview

Available in three different colors, the Hotpoint 14.6 cubic feet fridge features upfront and easy to access controls for temperature adjustments. It is furnished with supple wire shelves as well as moveable racks for storing all kinds of foods.

  • Features

The door shelves are designed in a way that you can place larger items with ease. It is fitted with dug in handles and also has temperature controls on the front. These controls make it straightforward very simple to handle and regulate your frozen and fresh foods.

The adjustable shelves equip this fridge with flexibility, and it caters all your storage needs. The manufacturers have combined all the user-friendly features with practical design to make it a necessity of your kitchen.

The fridge is constructed to meet the needs of busy lives plus, you can also separate purchase IM4D icemaker and to forget about filling trays. The gallon door storage bins allow you to store larger items and sealed drawers are covered with glass to maintain high-end look while keeping all your foods fresh making it one of the best top freezer refrigerators on the market.

The fridge is good at storing a large number of items and at maintaining good temperatures. It also looks very sleek and stylish.


  • Separately buy and conveniently install IM4D icemaker.
  • Drawers are sealed with a glass cover which provides the fridge with an elegant look and keeps your food items fresh.
  • Its gallon door bins can accommodate larger items.
  • Two adjustable wire shelves and a fixed glass shelf bring in more room in the fresh food section.
  • Temperature controls are very easy to use and access whenever needed.


  • It becomes slightly noisier after a while.
  • The light bulb starts causing troubles after a while.

Main features of the top freezer refrigerator

Before you start looking for your favorite top freezer fridge, you must know that this design is a traditional one and you won’t be able to find much variety here.

However, on the positive note, these models will offer you with some of the best bargains on the market too. So, you won’t have to limit your options; if you don’t want anything too flashy, then this design is made for you.

Size and dimensions

One of the most important points to consider when buying a top freezer is its size and dimensions. Make sure that you take all the measurements before buying an appliance for your home or you will end up regretting your decision.

The average size and dimensions of a top freezer fridge are 29-inch in width and 32-inch in depth. Average depth when the door opens 90-degrees is 58-inch while height will be 66-inch. Plus you have to keep one-inch space on both sides and back for aeration too.

Capacity and storage space

Storage or capacity will vary, and it depends upon the size of your family and space available. The rule of thumb is you will require four to six cubic feet storage space per person in your home as well as some extra contingency room.

Full-sized top freezer fridges range from 20 cubic feet to 34 cubic feet. Therefore, a family of four will find a fridge less than 22 cubic feet useless but available space is also a bit of concern so, try to make your decision while considering these aspects.

Counter-depth feature

Counter-depth fridges are the ones designed to align with the edges of countertops perfectly. It leaves only the door sticking out and gives your appliance an expensive look. It appears to be the custom designed piece that is directly built in the cabinet of your kitchen. However, in reality, there is nothing customized about it.

These designs are few inches off and are slightly less spacious as compared to their regular sized counterparts. Nevertheless, these designs will cost you more. So, the choice of paying more for less space to get trendy is all yours, but we would recommend skipping this option altogether.

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