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Best Counter Depth Refrigerators

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms of any house. Improving its appearance and feasibility is quite important. The counter depth refrigerators are one of the most reasonable ways to improve the appearance of your kitchen without taking on the fatigue of full renovation.

Since we live in a digital era, looking for electronics that are perfect for you is a tedious task as there are many companies that promote their best products. You can get your counter depth refrigerator in any size but you have to be willing to decrease the storage ability a little as the counter depth design affects the number of items that can be stored in it.

We are going to review the best counter depth products for you and we will also explain the things that you should know before investing in a counter depth refrigerator.

Best Counter Depth Refrigerators Buying Guide


What is a counter depth refrigerator?

A counter depth refrigerator is basically a shallow fridge that can be fixed into a cabinet or small area specifically made for it. The average depth of this product is 24 inches but it can be a little larger than that due to the addition of the doors.

These products don’t protrude out of the cabinets rather are placed inside them. They let you save space in your kitchen and also gives your kitchen a good and clean look. Some of the refrigerators can even be customized according to the look of your kitchen to go with the style.

Is the total capacity mentioned accurately?

The total capacity of the counter depth refrigerator mentioned on the product is in cubic feet. It describes the whole space in the product but does not include the shelves and drawers. These also take up extra space.

Sometimes, the actual storage space is not exactly what you perceive it to be. So, in order to buy the ideal product for your family, you have to consider the storage capacity in its literal meaning.

Apart from this, you also might face a problem with the door bins and shelves. The door bins can be very narrow which forces you to store things on the shelves that even reduce the storage space available for you. It is important that apart from capacity you look at the size of shelves and door bins.

What is the running cost of counter depth refrigerators?

The average running cost of a counter depth refrigerator is 8% of the total electricity bill but this also depends on the condition of the product. If you are investing in a second-hand fridge, you might face a higher running cost as compared to the cost of a brand new fridge.

All the counter depth refrigerators come with an energy guide, which shows you how much cost on average you have. Never forget to ask for the energy guide and compare it with other products, since you might get something that you may regret.

Are these counter depth refrigerators easy to use?

Buying user-friendly electronics is extremely important. If you buy a complex electronic device, getting used to it and making it work to the best of its ability might be difficult. Where most counter depth refrigerators are easy to use, some of them might be a little difficult to handle, for example, some of them have hard to open doors, which can cause inconvenience if you have children in the house.

Moreover, the storage space efficiency can also prove as a problem. Too much compartmentalization can also add to the difficulty in using. Due to these reasons, it is important that you check your fridge from every aspect before buying it.

How can I choose the best counter depth refrigerator for my kitchen?

The kind of fridge you choose for your kitchen depends on your needs and the size of the kitchen. If you have a large kitchen then you can easily go for a larger sized fridge but if you have a smaller kitchen then you have to take into consideration the size of the fridge you want.

Also while buying the product, make sure you look at the energy chart so that you know if it is feasible for you or not.

Best Counter Depth Refrigerators(Compare and Reviews)

Short Reviews Highlight Capacity Depth X Width Summary
Frigidaire gallery Dispenser 22.1 cu. Ft. 28.5 x 36 in. Best Seller
GE profile Filtration 22.1 cu. Ft. 30.25 x 35.75 in. Best High-end choice
Whirlpool Storage 20 cu. Ft. 26.88 x 35.63 in. Best overall rating
LG electronics Air Flow, Compressor 15 cu. Ft. 27.37 x 27.62 in. Best for the price
Maytag Temperature control options 20 cu. Ft. 26.88 x 35.63 in. Most Popular

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Frigidaire Gallery – Bestseller


If you are a sucker for organization and clean things, this product can be your new best friend. This side by side refrigerator by Frigidaire Gallery has all the features that can make it perfect for your regular use.

The water and ice dispenser installed in this refrigerator is extra-large and can store a large quantity of water and ice. The ice dispenser does not need filling of ice trays. Moreover, it has a water filtration unit added to it that keeps the water clean and fresh. It has multiple options as well which includes crushed ice, normal ice, dispenser lock etc.

It is constructed according to the DOE standards of saving energy and energy efficiency. Apart from this, the energy saver plus technology is added to it which automatically converts the fridge to energy saving mode if the door is not opened for 24 hours. This is ideal for when you are traveling.

The shelves of this refrigerator are spilling safe. A total of three shelves are added, two of which are sliding but are still spill safe and one is fixed and spill-safe. This prevents any mess created due to spillage and also makes cleaning easy. The drawers include a specific deli drawer for meat and also has humidity control.


  • The body is stainless steel and smudge proof which makes cleaning easy.
  • The two-door model makes organizing things very easy.
  • Has an automatic energy saving mode installed.
  • The shelves are spill-


  • The compressor makes a high pitched sound.
This best-selling product can be a great addition to your kitchen. It not only helps you organize things in a better manner but also makes cleaning easy and saves a lot of energy.

GE profile – Best high-end choice


This French door counter depth refrigerator with a sleek and elegant design is ideal for upgrading your kitchen. It offers the best of the best features by providing the ideal innovative technology for your kitchen.

This product offers you the best controls over the temperature and the rest of the parts of the fridge as well as the freezer. It has a complete drawer that lets you choose from three different temperature settings with LEDs to differentiate the chosen setting. Apart from this, there are a number of LED controls that are added in different places of the fridge and freezer to give you control.

Both water and air filtration are added to this refrigerator. The RWFP replacement filter is added to it to remove any odor and chemicals from the water added to the dispenser. Apart from this, the twin chill technology added to this product keeps the air purified and reduces the number of bacteria and odor transfer between food items.

It has a separate ice and water dispenser attached to the door of the fridge. It not only keeps the water cool but also keeps it clean. Another uncommon addition added to it is a coffee brewer which lets you brew your coffee with the dispenser controls.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Shelves can be removed and adjusted according to your storage needs.
  • Hands-free option in the dispenser.
  • Advanced level filtration added to it.


  • Capacity is slightly less as compared to other products.
This product is ideal for you if you don’t have a price restriction. It has all the premium features and will certainly be a great addition to your kitchen.

Whirlpool – Best overall rating


This stainless steel three compartment refrigerator has the best overall rating from its customers. The drawer is temperature controlled and its storage compartment is ideal since it can store the wide items as well.

Energy saving is a great need of today’s era since we are running out of fossil fuels and energy as a whole. This product is star certified and exceeds all the standards set by the government to save energy and decrease the amount of utility bills due to the energy consumption of this product.

The storage capacity of this product is ideal. The amount of food items that can be stored on the shelves is more than other products. There is a special compartment for storing vegetables and fruits that also has a humidity control. This keeps the vegetables crisp and fresh. It is also ideal for storing large cakes and platters.

The Accu chill technology is installed in this product that keeps the food fresh by sensing the kind of food placed in the fridge and adjusting the temperature according to it.


  • The interior is lighted using LEDs to make visibility better.
  • The fresh flow technology helps keep the vegetables and fruits fresh.
  • Water filter keeps every drop of water filtered and clean from any chemicals.
  • The door bins are extra spacious.


  • The water dispenser is behind the left door which causes inconvenience in closing it.
If you require a very spacious product for your large family then this product is the one for you. It is the answer to all your storage problems.

LG Electronics – Best for the Price


This extremely reasonable and efficient bottom freezer refrigerator is perfect for a small family that does not require a lot of storage. Accessing your food is also easy with the help of easy swinging doors and roll out drawers.

The compressor of this product is a linear compressor that is known as one of the best compressors on the market. LG is dependent on its quality and efficiency and also backs it up confidently with a 10-year warranty. During this period if anything happens to the compressor, you can get it fixed or replaced by the company without any cost.

The refrigerator has a specific air flow freshness system installed. It keeps the air inside the fridge fresh by rotating the air with fresh air after a designated time. This has multiple benefits that include the prevention of accumulation or odors. Moreover, the bacterium that tends to accumulate is pushed out with the rotating air.

This product is known for its sleek and sophisticated design. The doors are completely contoured and all the hinges are hidden which gives it a beautiful look. The interior is illuminated with LED lights. This sophistication in the design gives your kitchen a high-end look as soon as this refrigerator is installed.


  • The smart diagnosis app troubleshoots the refrigerator immediately.
  • The shelves and door bins are made of glass.
  • It saves energy in the energy saving mode.
  • It is extremely reasonable.


  • The drawers tend to get wobbly with time.
If you want an extremely reasonably priced refrigerator for your home, apartment or dorm room that can keep all the essentials organized along with providing all the necessary features, then this product can be of great help. It is not expensive and does not consume a lot of energy.

Maytag – Most popular


This heavy-duty refrigerator fulfills all your needs and has a stainless steel body that is fingerprint resistant. It comes with a rapid chill option that cools down the complete refrigerator and also has a fresh deli drawer as well.

It comes with a number of temperature options. The electronic temperature controls are installed inside the refrigerator to make use easy and convenient. Different controls for fridge and freezer are available. Apart from this, a power cold option is also available. Opening the fridge again and again on a busy day can compromise the temperature which can ruin the stored items. For this, the power cold option is installed that cools everything down as quickly as possible.

All the shelves in this refrigerator are spill proof which makes cleaning easy. The liquid is stopped from draining to other parts of the fridge. The door bins are extra wide and deep that even allows storing gallon sized objects. The deli and vegetable drawer has a separate temperature control and keeps everything crisp and fresh by controlling the humidity.

It comes with a 10 years warranty that is limited to certain parts of the product which also includes the compressor and temperature control.


  • The fridge is lighted internally by using long-lasting LEDs.
  • The outer and inner part is easy to clean.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Is heavy duty and durable.


  • The water dispenser is very slow.
This product is heavy duty and durable. If you have a large family and have to store lots of food and open the doors multiple times during a day, then this is the one for you.

Main Features of the Counter depth refrigerator

The main purpose of a refrigerator is to keep things cool but there are other features that are also included in the counter depth refrigerators for your ease.

These features are:


Some fridges come with a built-in ice and water dispenser on the fridge door. This makes things very convenient especially when you need ice or cold water.

The door in the door

This door in-door access is a premium feature that comes with some refrigerators. It is a small cooling compartment in the door which lets you have access small things that are frequently used without making you open the complete fridge.

Air purification

This feature helps in preventing the odors from accumulating and also prevents accumulation of bacteria due to un-purified air.

Temperature control

This feature is present in almost all in depth refrigerators; you can choose the temperature that is reasonable for you. Another option that comes with this feature is compartmentalization; you can keep a certain compartment cooler than the other.


Another common feature of counter depth refrigerators is its shelves. You can change the place of the shelves so you can store the items more efficiently.


Choosing a refrigerator for your home can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. Going to the market without any prior research or knowledge is only going to make you confused and you will end up buying the product that is not actually best for you. Counter depth refrigerators are a very good and convenient option if you know all about their features.

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